Why at 32 years old am I thinking of getting one of these as a second bike

Why, at 32 years old, am I thinking of getting one of these as a second bike? It's not even midlife crisis age!...

  • Had this one frome 28-30 years 45.000km so its not a midlife crisis it's just to relax

  • I would have the Indian Scout as a second bike, in 'Indian Red'

  • I've a hammer s

  • Reptile side of the brain!

  • Having a nice v twin for cruising on is a good thing. Here's mine which I would heartily recommend over any of that American stuff

  • If I was to have a Ducati it'd be one of these...

  • 2 summers ago I had an experience that would put me off American bikes and particularly Harley's for life. I had a set too with one round the side of loch lubnaig in Scotland followed by a top speed run on the motorway . The guy was really trying to burn me off but in fact my bike out accelerated, outhandled, outbraked, and went past him on the motorway. My bike also drew way more attention than his. Oh and by the way this is the bike that did it.

  • Yeh but how embarrassing that a 34 year old bike can out do everything a Harley can . Probably because the Harley technology is about 70 years old. And my rd is very comfortable

  • Different strokes for different blokes, a tracer would put the LC to shame

  • I have my tracer which I love and have done 2 European trips on this year . Fantastic bike . However Harley's are medieval when my ancient RD can out do a MODERN 20 k bike