Why can t anything ever go right Take the stator unplug the wire the one plug...


Why can't anything ever go right. Take the stator unplug the wire the one plug was melted. Looked at the wire harness its fine. Put the new stator in new coil in. Now won't even start. Wtf at least be4 it started and ran for 5 min now nothing. Week 3 no ridden.

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  • They never gave me the run around I had the new stator within 3 days no if ands or buts I guess they scared of me cause I didn't leave feedback till they made it right lol

  • My buddy just got on at the shop now for a trx that's bad he never had a problem before now that one was no good either n no mine. He deals with them a lot he called Cuz he needs 2 get it back 2 the customer n they told him there not sending one til they get the bad 1. I can c just a Radom person that they would say that 2 but not a shop that orders stuff from u. First I got it and the plugs were missing I had 2 use the old ones all it was was wires. Then it took a week 2 get it which was a neither week of no ridden. I order a coil from them Friday it was her monday I ordered that stator last monday n got it yesterday 2

  • the backwards wired stators are on ricky stators(or something) i believe

  • That's how I got it

  • The colors didnt even , match on any stator ive dealt with from them, believe what you guys want about them, bout after 12+ stators from them im speaking from fact..

  • But

  • Ya I won't deal with them anymore. Them zoom zoom ones aren't bad that's what I had in it before had it 3½ Yrs

  • why do these things burn stators so damn often?

  • I don't think its just warriors but could be wrong. I'm buying 2 2 just 4 a back up I got extra coil solenoid.

  • Week 5 no riding. Waiting on carb boot. Join the club haha