Why is it when I bought my bike back in 2012 I thought hmmm parts for bikes...


Why is it when I bought my bike back in 2012 I thought, hmmm parts for bikes should be cheaper then for cars and trucks, boy was I ever wrong!!!!! I have spent over 1600 just in extra stuff, and that's just small stuff, I haven't replaced the stock seat yet.

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  • Well it's better to ask for forgiveness then for permission.

  • I've been running for 6-8 hrs. On the stock saddle of my 07' classic alright. I can always pull it off and open it up, then add memory foam to it at some point. I can't see spending $425 - $600 for a seat or slip on mufflers.

  • Oh yeah I know, I was either planning on adding gel inserts or just getting a new seat. It's not the seat portion, it's the lumbar support I have issues with

  • Get a backrest for the driver seat. Should help out on long rides.

  • Can you put a backrest on if you have the stock seat?

  • If you are looking for a good deal on a Mustang seat, and you are going to Sturgis, stop at Rapid City Harley. Mustang has a vendor setup in the parking lot and will install a seat for you to try out. If you don't like it they will take it back off and put your old seat back on for no charge. If you buy a seat, they will ship your old one home for free.

  • Now imaging extra shipping costs out CDN filler usually worth .90 duties

    I just about had a heart attack when my shorty kickstand arrived and had to pay an additional $60.00


  • Yiks sorry about the above typos on my phone And just got up ..."our Canadian dollar and duties...that mess should read

  • There is a backrest made by a company.... Grasshopper is sticking in my head. They mount with a stock seat and have a great price

  • It's because we save slouch money gas wise!!!