Winterizing tips Besides oil change lube chain and stable This is the 1st...


Winterizing tips ? Besides oil change, lube chain, and stable? This is the 1st year I'm gonna try leaving it in my garage for the winter.

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  • I don't bother with the oil change...I do it first thing in the spring...unless of course you're due for one...make sure the tank is full of fuel, add some stabilizer, hook up the battery to a tender and voila!...mine is in a garage, but if yours is outdoors, I would obviously add a cover and put some steel wool in the exhaust so mice and other critters don't climb inside...

  • Naw, it will be in my heated garage this winter lol

  • cool...mine's not heated, but I'm a townhouse and I have neighbours on either side so it stays pretty warm in comparison to one with exposed walls...then I would just do the fuel top up, stabilizer, and batter tender...that's it...

  • I have all that. And mines only heated cause I do heating and air conditioning for a living lol

  • All of the above plus get the tires off the concrete. Stands are the best but rubber mats work in a pinch

  • I say change the oil because the stuff from the clutch plates is corrosive to engine which is why oil changes every so often are recommended by manufacturers, so is better to have fresh oil in an engine that is sitting rather than having the contaminated used oil in there an extra 2 - 3 months

  • and plus it will be one less thing you will have to do when weather breaks to go riding again... :-)

  • Don't forget to put the battery on a tender or remove it also put the tires up on some wood blocks