• Would like to change bars any suggestions

    Would like to change bars any suggestions

    • apes or T/drag-style?

    • Luke Ayd what's up buddy lol...I was thinking apes but do I then have to get longer cables n so on ...what about Z bars

    • LA Choppers has several Z-bars that you can use. Installation will be a pain because you have to run the elec wires internally. I think you're looking at longer cables no matter what you put on. Even with the T-bars that I installed, I went 2" +.

    • I asked atx_raider (that's a pic of his bike) on the roadstarraider forum. Here's a copy of the info he gave me went with:

      6" End Rise / 9" Center Rise

      6” Pullback

      30” Width

      4.5” Center to center knurled

      This allowed for stock cables with a 1.5" riser. I don't remember the brand of the risers, but any 1 - 2" should work. If you wanted to reroute the stock cables you could probably go a bit taller or possibly use the stock risers.

      fmb choppers were easy to deal with and had a quick turnaround. I'd definitely do biz with them again. Hope this helps...