My digital instruments the Ten Step has made reference to.

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  • sold....tell me how to get my mitts on one Fred...I luv it !!!!! email me

  • In the daylight the gauges are monochrome grey.

  • Gives me renewed interest Fred Greenlee.

  • Really amazing!

  • Wow

  • Phillip Wilson have a look at this guys fj. I want one.

  • Michael Jones, the Speedo install was initially in the left hand position and there was nearly no modification required, other than having to remove the glass face cover of the Atach Speedo. To get the tachometer to fit, I had to move it to the left position. The fuel gauge/clock is OEM FJ1200. I have T-10 Red LED bulbs installed that matches the tachometer and speedometer. The tachometer and speedometer I ordered with red back lighting.

  • Ah cheers fred

  • There is also a write up on the FJowners.com forum in the 'Files' section, under 'modifications' and the thread is 'GPS speedometer'. The gauges used are meant to mirror the OEM gauges. ALL 3 gauges were replaced. For the fuel/clock gauge, the clock was lost but an oil temp gauge was added. It all looks really good. To view the 'Files' section, you have to be a member. It is free to join.

  • Looks great :D