Wrapping up the 79 IT project Man what fun It amazes me how much better the...

Wrapping up the 79 IT project. Man, what fun. It amazes me how much better the 79 handles compared to the 77/78, they look pretty much identical but the steeper fork angle and a bit more rear travel make for two different Bikes.

  • Yamaha store...stupid autospell.

  • Kool machine

  • I turned the bike upside down cut the frame and put a turnbuckle between the 2 wheels and pulled an 11/4" for a steeper rake and won the overall at the Newark Enduro. lol it worked great in the woods sure headshook in the wide open. Talked do Drew Smith later and he did the same on Pe's and Xrs but when developing bikes for factories but they used jigs.

  • and went a degree at a time, I had a fast trials bike

  • Sweet Bike Kurt! (y)

  • Wow, cool history! Thanks for sharing

  • Sweet! Sent your check yesterday Mike

  • I love my 79, great woods bike

  • Super !!! I work on my IT 200. I am a beginner but very motivated. And sorry, I am French... lol Today, mi IT is like this :

  • Very cool! Start a restoration thread

  • Ask me as friend on FB. I share my "work", you will be surprised probably... I love this motorbike, and i have less than5 hours of running small machines in all my life. I will start to drive with this it when finished. I am 52... lol

  • PS anyhelp, concil etc is welcome ! I do most of the things without money.

  • If you need, here is a sheet with dimensions of bearings inner the engine of an it 200. If anybody need information, mine is mainy dismantled and in can provide information or photo of small details or how is it assembly. ;-)

  • Great info. Should be posted

  • Chuuutt...lol. Anyway, I suppose Big Brother got it already, si it is better to diffuse it to those who relly need and like this info.

  • French language not understood.

  • Sorry for my funking poor ability in writing , speaking and thinking in english. As for my motrbike, I am trying. ;-) Is your remerk about the sheet langage ?

  • Yes the sheet it alright but i can see the number but other language not understood. English would be helpful.

  • I will make a sheet translated, with refrence number of yamaha. And I can also provide a pdf of the reference spare parts of this IT

  • My IT is looking for a right cover. If cheap idea... ;-)

  • Koool