Wtf could this noise be. It was doing it on take off and revving it in neutral

Wtf could this noise be? It was doing it on take off and revving it in neutral. It seems to have went away after riding down the road a ways. 16 Viking with 135 miles on it.

  • I thought only the 1mm rubbed?

  • I'm running the .75, but it was close for sure

  • Same here, the noise didn't start till this past Saturday though. I had ran the bike quite a few times before then.

  • Some bikes rub with the .75, some don't. Make sure your cage isn't loose. Then clearance the inside of the cage or change to the .50. Also check the inside of the cvt cover to make sure the belt isn't rubbing. As it goes further down in the primary it rides higher on the secondary. This also happens as the belt wears

  • Will do. I'll be checking it this week. There will be no going backwards, sir! Lol. Let me know about that gold spring, I want more!

  • I'll check everything out this weekend when I put my new springs on. It seemed like the belt had plenty of room. I've only rode it about 50 miles since the clutch.

  • The gold is too much without a cdi, you'll bang the rev limiter. I'm doing it for the cam next week

  • I hate ya guts Rob! Lol just kiddin. You keep making me spend money. Next up, CDI and gold spring. Cam will have to wait till next year.

  • Yeah, let us get a bunch more testing and miles on the cam first.

  • Bump for Craig