Yamaha Australia has just released the MT 07 It s a LAMS approved 655cc...


Yamaha Australia has just released the MT-07. It's a LAMS approved 655cc parallel twin that weighs in at 179kg!!..

I bought my XJ6NL as it was one of the best looking naked LAMS bikes around with the power to match, but now it seems to have been pushed aside by the MT-07 which is cheaper and more powerful as a LAMS Bike.

Feeling annoyed that it had to be released after i bought my brand new XJ6NL but then again i'm not a big fan of parallel twins.

What do you guys/gals think and is anyone else guttered that it was released just after purchasing your new bike?

Bike Details: http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/products/motorcycle /road/torque-sport/15-mt-07

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  • 3 years WOT? Is that new in VIC?

  • Yep, as of 1st of October

  • And learners have to wear hi vis

  • I'm glad I got my license when I did, 15 months from no license to full license.

  • Fk that! December and i'm home free!

  • I saw one in the flesh 2 weeks ago here in NZ. Looks alright but not really my style as I prefer fully faired bikes. Apparently they are just as easy to unrestrict as the FZ6R

  • Yes but you can see the plate that has to be modified where as the FZ6 and XJ6 is hidden behind fairing

  • In Vic Derestricted LAMs bikes are unregisterable with Vic roads & therefore illegal & naughty.

    Like the beastie boys said; it ain't a crime if you don't get caught.

  • Bought my XJ6 S (half faired) this year. Did a test ride on the new MT-07 about a month ago. Both unrestricted.

    The MT-07 feels a lot lighter, almost like a 300 - 400ccm bike. It feels more like a fun/supermoto bike. Really easy to maneuver at low speeds. My XJ6 feels front heavy in comparison.

    The engine is a dream, goes from 0 to max RPM, because it has torque over the whole rev range.

    The only downsides I saw, was the "sport" seat, the lack of handlebars for the passenger and no fairing.

    Anybody buying a naked bike, should try both, and then buy the MT-07 :P

    I'm hoping Yamaha will make a faired version of the MT-07. In 2015 there will be a faired version of the MT-09, which will probably replace the old TDM 900.

  • Fuck I wish I saw this... I love the back tail piece so much more . And the swing arm! I dont like parrallel twins but I could have dealt with it!