Photos from Eddie Hall's post — Yamaha Bolt


May have been covered here already, but maybe not:

The SCR950 accessories list includes these burly ADV footpegs. It's a no-mod, direct swap for someone with a Bolt looking for something different. These are the same styled pegs on a Super Tenere. The rubber part holds your feet off the metal a little. Put real weight on them and the rubber collapses deliberately to allow your boot soles traction on the cleated metal.

Note: Not sure if they've corrected this or not, but one of the new pivot pins was too short. I had to reuse one of the original pins.

Not an issue at all.

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Transparent wiper possibly with a much wider wiping area several different... — Yamaha Bolt

Transparent wiper (possibly) with a much wider wiping area, several different sizes of battery and connection to your 12V bike's power all being currently worked on. Our final version will have a wider wipe, variable speed and controlled via wireless with your left thumb. It is safer to have both your hands on your steering than wiping your visor with your left hand and a car pulls out - - Please bookmark for when we launch later this year with over 6450 Likes on Facebook at - Rainpal Evo will have Video PS Ships with a free tearoff = 100% no scratching and most visors are scratch resistant in 2017

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    2015 Yamaha Bolt R-spec — Yamaha Bolt

    Selling my 2015 Yamaha Bolt XV950. Comes with Bitwell exhaust, Flashed ECU for performance, memphis shades windscreen, fork covers, K&N air filter and side bag. Bike runs fantastic and much better than a stock bolt! Because the bike has a flashed ECU, the bike is ready for any exhaust. Tires and drive belt are original but still in great shape. I have original muffler. The bike has never been dropped or been in an accident. Always stored inside during the winter. I will give it a fresh oil change before sale.

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      Well my Sunday was productive then went to absolutely getting nothing done — Yamaha Bolt

      Well my Sunday was productive then went to absolutely getting nothing done. Got my new engine guards put on the bolt and then was going to take off my passenger seat for the luggage rack and that didn't happen. Got the front seat off fine then while trying to take the passenger seat off I managed to break a socket. Never seen that happen before. So I grabbed another socket and it was stripped out and progress just stopped. But it gets better. I then dropped the bolt for the main seat into the bike and can't reach it. Said screw it going to auto zone tomorrow to buy a magnet on a stick and a new 10 mil socket. At least the engine guards got done. Lesson learned stop buying harbor freight socket sets

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        Man everybody that switches their handle bars as the same god damn problem why... — Yamaha Bolt

        Man everybody that switches their handle bars as the same god damn problem why yamaha put that little nub on their handlebars is beyond my fuckin comprehension when you switch your handle bars to 1 inch handlebars, because there's no crimp in the aftermarket handle bars, you need to cut the little nub off. And then, if it's a little too loose, you need to sand down the housing just a little bit around the edges so that it'll be a little snugger or tighter when you put it on.

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          Photos from Perry Danforth's post — Yamaha Bolt

          So, long story short, I won this motorcycle. I can't say I would have bought a Bolt to begin with. However, I legitimately couldn't be happier with this bike. It rides so smooth, has the power I was wanting, and the blue is a perfect choice for me. I get that these bikes are supposed to be a minimalist style of motorcycle, but I didn't see mine that way. When I won the bike, the shop had included the quick detachable windshield, sissy bar, and luggage rack. I added the saddle bags, relocated my rear turn signals, and threw on a set of four speakers that have an amp and output of 1000 watts. Not sure if I want to put on different pipes, because I get great gas mileage and don't want to necessarily compromise that. Figured I should share what I have, rather than just sitting in the corner, lol.

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            Well here s one of my projects for this weekend I m going to do it Saturday... — Yamaha Bolt

            Well, here's one of my projects for this weekend. I'm going to do it Saturday morning, I'm also going to put my helmet lock on my bike, too, but I'm gonna customize that also and I'm in a mount. Bar bracket is going to look very cool and I'm done hopefully and all. The bike oven. Also a youtube video and tell you guys with the megaphone sounds like. That way, you'll have some kind of idea.

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              Can someone please show me what the f k this plugs into I have been looking... — Yamaha Bolt

              Can someone please show me what the f*^k this plugs into. I have been looking underneath the triple tree like I was told but there is nothing there for it to plug into. If someone could possibly post a picture, that would be great. I'm clueless and the Yamaha dealer is closed till Tuesday. Am I missing a piece that possibly could have fallen off? I got a 22 error code and I'm straight panicking.

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                Photos from Chris Farmer's post — Yamaha Bolt

                HELP! Potentially a stupid question, but my fuel pump isn't initiating when I turn on the ignition. A single click can be heard coming from under the seat so I'm trying to replace the fuse, but I cannot seem to find the fuses numbered 7, 8 and 9? Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Much appreciated

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                  UPDATE AFTER INSTALLING IVANS FLASH — Yamaha Bolt


                  Ok everyone I just finished up taking the first ride after installing Ivan's flash and the tapered bearings. With Ivan's flash the first thing I noticed was better throttle response, once getting on the road I wanted to test if it would backfire on deceleration and I couldn't get it to back fire. That right there makes it worth it to me. Ever since I installed exhaust and intake the bike would back fire just about every time I let off the throttle. Bike seems to have woken up some with performance for sure ! Over all I'm very pleased with Ivan's flash and def recommend it to any and all of you. I didn't go for to long of a ride simply because it's 36 degrees here today and very windy. Now onto the tapered bearings, NO MORE DEATH WOBBLE!!!! I think I'm just as excited about that as I am with the flash. Tried letting go of the bars at various speeds and every time the bike went straight with no wobble at all. I gotta say with these two upgrades I feel like I have a whole new bike. It runs like a 950 should!

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                    Photos from Simon Woodend's post — Yamaha Bolt

                    Does anyone else have the official Yamaha lowered rear shocks fitted?

                    I've recently had mine fitted, and today I adjusted them to a stiffer setting.

                    It seems that the whole thing turns when you adjust the setting. Obviously it's not the entire unit moving, as it's bolted at both ends, but the cowling at the top of the spring has moved, and as a result I now have an unsightly hole showing at the top of the shocks. Anyone know if this is meant to happen?

                    The two pictures show how the cowling has rotated, hopefully you can see what I mean, as my description isn't the greatest.

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                      Well turns out Florida has great weather for riding in season but very bad... — Yamaha Bolt

                      Well, turns out Florida has great weather for riding in season, but very bad drivers in cages. Was never afraid of my bike, but other people who aren't paying attention. Snowbird pulled a left turn without paying attention, and right in front of me with only enough time to lock up my tires. I got taken out, but my helmet saved my life from being splattered on the Hyundai's hood. My Bolt is totaled, my right arm bones shattered and now put back together with steel plates, and my hip cracked. Wear a proper helmet or have a donor card, and expect drivers to be morons. Ride safe out there. Not to say I didn't take a chunk out of her Hyundai, turning it into a trike from the hit and picking it up off the ground.

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                        Photos from Erik James Corbiere's post — Yamaha Bolt

                        Here's a couple of pictures of my motorcycle. The one video is not the most recent, but that's the one where I changed my handle bars. They're still one inch in diameter. I wanted to drop him down to the side, but in order to do that, I'd actually have to get a really wide handle bar so that the bend. Is far enough out that the handle bars won't hit the tank? I've recently put a sissy bar on my bike and I also put phone magnets. My tank. I'll have to make a video sometime in the next couple days and I'll post it for all of you to see.

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                          Perhaps some of the more mechanically inclined among you can point me in the... — Yamaha Bolt

                          Perhaps some of the more mechanically inclined among you can point me in the right direction.

                          After my last oil change a couple weeks ago, I've occasionally noticed this soft knocking coming from what I assume is the clutch. It comes and goes and I can't seem to get it to happen with a mechanic around, so this time I filmed it.

                          It only does it while slowly moving between 7 and 15mph, and with the clutch pulled in or in neutral. Sound goes away in gear. It knocks faster the faster I'm moving until about 15mph it goes away again. If sitting idle it doesn't make the sound either.

                          I'm gonna take it to my regulars guy next week but I wouldn't mind a few more ideas one what it might be. I've read plenty of horror stories to things as tame as a slightly loose bolt causing the noise.

                          Sorry for the wall of text. Here's the video. Not much to see (trying to operate the clutch handle with a phone in hand is difficult haha) more about what to listen for.

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                            Do you think rain repellents and wiper gloves need some competition in 2017 — Yamaha Bolt

                            Do you think rain repellents and wiper gloves need some competition in 2017. The clearest vision is obtained with wipers no genius observation there it's a bit obvious as every car has them. By law most if not all countries insist car manufacturers install them on new cars think about what that implies. Why is the decision not given to us if we use rain repellents on our car windscreen? Rainpal follows that logic and is in development to make the ride safer for riders in the rain - Our retail model will have a wider wipe controlled by your left thumb via Bluetooth. Rainpal Evo will also have built in video recording for proof for Police and/or your Insurance company in an accident.

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                              I need help I was turning right at an intersection when a full sized pickup... — Yamaha Bolt

                              I need help. I was turning right at an intersection when a full sized pickup ran a stop sign and turn into my path. I hit the curb and bent my brake peddle.How easy would it be to heat the peddle and bend it back in place? Also could I use a propane torch to heat the peddle enough to bend it back. I really don't want to purchase a new one. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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                                Ok so I was searching deep in the bolt forum to find a solution to the wobble... — Yamaha Bolt

                                Ok so I was searching deep in the bolt forum to find a solution to the wobble of the front end when releasing the handle bars... some people say replace stock bearings with tapered bearings, some say tire pressure, and some say they've replaced the tires and it went away.... does anyone have any experience with resolving this issue? Mine is so bad that at certain speeds it will begin to shake with both hands firmly on the bars, I really need to get this shit figured out. Thanks

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                                  Photos from Nicholas Martin's post — Yamaha Bolt

                                  Yesterday, I decided to try out my bolt setup on a long trip. I've had my bolt just over a year now and my first ride was 80 something miles riding home from the yamaha dealer in Dallas to Tyler. It was a horrible expierence that left me feeling some buyers remorse. The bolt just wasn't set up from the factory to ride comfortable for more than 45 minutes or so. The changes I've made since then include yamaha engine guards to let me stretch my feet out, adjusting the shocks to the stiffest setting, baron 12" skinny apes, and a mustang wide solo seat. I can saftey say this fixed the uncomfortable part of the bolt. Left my house at 11am and did not return til 640pm. The only breaks that were taken were filling up at the pump, and a 30 minute lunch break at 230pm. So, I spent a full 7 hours in the saddle on farm to market roads, county roads, and highways. I did not get on the interstate as I was only wearing my half helmet and I do not have a windshield. All in all this was a very successful test and I'm thrilled by the transformation. I traveled a little over 350 miles. I've gone on a couple of 300 mile trips in a day with the stock seat and stock bars, and they just weren't fun, that is not the case anymore. Also, I found a statue of a rhino in my journey.

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                                    Hey guys I want to fit engine guards to my bolt and was looking for advice — Yamaha Bolt

                                    Hey guys, I want to fit engine guards to my bolt and was looking for advice. I like the look of the genuine yamaha guards cos they seem nice and tidy. Wondering could highway pegs be bolted on to the guards also or would they look out of place or impractical there. Or could the guards themselves serve as a makeshift foot rest on the odd occasion.

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                                      IVANS FLASH USERS — Yamaha Bolt

                                      ***IVANS FLASH USERS***

                                      So I was planning on sending my ecu off to get Ivan's flash next week but figured I'd ask a question on here first for those that have used Ivan's flash.

                                      As of right now my bike has a cobra intake with the V&H slip on exhaust and I am not using a fuel controller. With that being said, is there anyone on here using the flash with a similar set up on their bolt with out using any type of fuel management? If so what are your thoughts, and is Ivan's flash worth the money and why? Thanks in advance!

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                                        Well I finally made a decision on when I was going pick up the new bike — Yamaha Bolt

                                        Well I finally made a decision on when I was going pick up the new bike. Just texted my dealer and it's getting prepped on Friday for Saturday pickup. Going ride it home in the sun and 57 degree temps. I've never rode a bike quite this big any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My current yamaha is a 185 from 1982.

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                                          Okay Long shot but as some of you on here know I was involved in a wreck a few... — Yamaha Bolt

                                          Okay. Long shot but as some of you on here know I was involved in a wreck a few months ago and I got my bike back from insurance co. I was debating on parting out or what. I don't think I'll ride again because I have a new born but my brother wants the bike. I am using the motor and whatever else is good to rebuild the bike but will need a titled frame. Anyone know how to go about getting one?

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                                            Photos from Nicholas Martin's post — Yamaha Bolt

                                            Went for my annual inspection and failed due to my plate light going out. I hadn't noticed it. Replaced it with the same bulb but in led form, think that should hold up better. The inspection guy also said I needed a new back tire, so I went tire shopping. Settled on Pirelli MT66. Ran these on my previous bike, shadow 1100, and had over ten thousand miles on em when I sold that bike. Noticed a difference when riding her home, they seemed to grip the road better than the bridgestones. Best part, bike bandit had the set, front and back, for 160 bucks.

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                                              Hey guys took my bike for a long. ish. ride yesterday. 45 minutes to and from — Yamaha Bolt

                                              Hey guys, took my bike for a long(ish) ride yesterday. 45 minutes to and from. I'm noticing terrible back pain on my mid back. Never had this with my Honda CBR. I did notice every small bump on the road (I have the base model) and the ride wasn't very smooth. Lots of country riding.

                                              Anybody else have this issue? Any solutions to mitigate the problem?

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                                                Just a minor mention but anyone here with two Yamahas check your keys and see... — Yamaha Bolt

                                                Just a minor mention, but anyone here with two Yamahas - check your keys and see if they were cut from the same shape blank.

                                                i.e. one key will go into either lock, it just will only turn one.


                                                Ask your locksmith to make you a master key with the cut for the 1st bike down one edge and the 2nd bike's on the other.

                                                For about $5, you'll have a single key usable with either bike.

                                                All you gotta do is mark it some way so you simply flip it around from one bike to the other.

                                                I've done this with the Yamahas and two previous Hondas.

                                                Oh! It's also helpful if you've replaced your keyed gas cap and don't want to have two keys on your keyring.

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