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Definitely a frequently asked question on this forum, but I need an opinion on Dr. Pulley sliders.

Looking to buy these 15x12 sliders off this site, but not sure if the 15x12 are made for the 2007 C3: lider-weight-15x12-for-50cc.html

At 155lbs and needing to take 60kmh+ (37mph) roads to work every day, should I be looking to get 4.5g or 5g weights? I'll also be swapping in a new OEM belt, and swapping out the stock tires out with Michelin Boppers. The original owner told me he's done the washer mod, but I haven't verified his work yet. I feel like it's currently hitting the rev limiter at about 65kmh.

Any advice is welcome, really hoping to get this awesome scooter to it's full potential!

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Here s my attempt at making a little shelf on top of the battery box so stuff... — Yamaha C3

Here's my attempt at making a little shelf on top of the battery box so stuff can be safely stuck up there. The plastic sheet came from eBay and the nylon 1/4 inch body rivets came from autozone. They are similar to the other plastic rivets found on the body of the scooter. My drill wandered a little so I had to make some adjustments on it but they are under the rivets so you can see my screw ups.

Off to the right is my cig lighter I use for phone charging or battery charging with a trickle charger should the need arise.

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    What is the best upgrade I can do to get a little more speed and power — Yamaha C3

    What is the best upgrade I can do to get a little more speed and power? I've put in the Dr Sliders and de-restricted the air box.

    I just got done putting a 65cc piston and cylinder on my wife's Benzhu scooter and now she leaves me in the dust, on her pink scooter. How embarrassing. I can't keep up with her any longer. I can only get 35 mph and the take off is slower now before the new sliders.

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      So I changed the springs both clutch and contra — Yamaha C3

      So I changed the springs, both clutch and contra.

      Easily the most dramatic change I've done to the C3. More than the washer removal, more than the belt, more than the 4G sliders.

      It accelerates way faster, makes it way louder, and holds high RPMs way longer. It flies!

      I think I lost a tiny bit of the top end speed that I gained by moving the washer, but it's worth it for the acceleration, and it is improving the more I ride so it's fine!

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        Can you guys give me a recommendation for a rear shock I ve seen Gabe s... — Yamaha C3

        Can you guys give me a recommendation for a rear shock? I've seen Gabe's recommendation on front oil, but I would appreciate if you guys told me brands and models, even links, to the shocks you guys like.

        Turns out, I was riding in extremely low PSI (even though it didnt show), and now with the tires filled, I notice that the suspension is jarring.

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          I know is not extremely relevant but it is some — Yamaha C3

          I know is not extremely relevant, but it is some.

          This is my girlfriend's 2013 Vino, an absolute hoot to ride. 30LBS lighter than the C3 with the same fuel Injection and engine, but with a much smaller CVT case.

          This scooter, though not as fast on the top end (smaller tires too) is incredible fast at launch. No bog, just strong consistent pulling. Yamaha nailed the CVT tuning of this scooter. I love riding it! And it has a cup holder. It just doesn't feel as cool as the C3.

          I got this scooter for an absolute steal. Anyone wanna guess? It's in incredible shape too. I shined it immediately and it's a beauty.

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            Hey guys — Yamaha C3

            Hey guys,

            I had the typical 2007 C3 fuel pump problem, so I switched it out for the amazon one posted all over this group. Fired right up, drove it home. It sat for a little while in the heat of the summer, and now that the weather is getting nice I tried to take it out, but it wouldn't start. I'm still hearing sounds from the fuel tank, which I didn't before, but it just cranks and cranks and doesn't turn over. Can anyone point me towards some troubleshooting ideas for why it won't start?

            I have also added non-ethanol fuel, gotten any other recalls done, and tried to start it with the fuel cap cracked open.

            Thanks for your help!

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              Photos from Allan Pineda's post — Yamaha C3

              I'm actually very happy with the C3 so far. I haven't gotten to check the variator or sliders yet to see if they have been upgraded but this scoot hits 72km with half tuck no wind assist and that's good enough for me.

              scoot had some fire damage and was dropped pretty bad.

              some before and after pics.(I'm going naked instead of side panels. the honda ruckus guy in me).


              -relocated lights

              -new handlebars



              -plastidip rims and forks and headlight enclosure

              -blue ground effects

              -modded duck bill rear fender

              next mods

              -reapolster the seat (fire damage)

              -coolant tank


              -turn signals

              -10" sub. 2-6 inch speakers. tweeters. amp with aux input for phone or ipod (powered with 2nd battery)

              -fog lights

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                Photos from Chris McAlevy's post — Yamaha C3

                Installed an eBay rfy shock yesterday (removed the sticker). Installation was very easy, requiring only removing one side panel and the two bolts on the shock.

                The only issue was that the metal pieces for the top eyelet supplied with the shock were a tiny bit too wide to fit between the brackets (third picture, oem is left, rfy is right). It was an easy fix with my dremel cutting wheel and a file, but that about doubled my installation time.

                The scooter rides a little higher now in the rear, I think just because before it was basically bottomed out just from my weight. In my two minutes of riding around last night the suspension felt much better than stock.

                My shock cost me $36 (I split a pair with a friend). If you are over 200 lbs I'd call this a must do for the c3 just like removing the restrictor washer and putting in dr pulleys.

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                  Yesterday afternoon it was nice for a change and I decided to ride my hot rod... — Yamaha C3

                  Yesterday afternoon, it was nice for a change and I decided to ride my hot rod 75cc Yamaha XF50 Scooter,,,I got my helmet jacket and gloves on when it started to rain! ,I left anyway...All week, I hadn't ridden because of rain! I rebuked it in The Name Of Jesus and got going :) Once you get wet to your BVD's you can't get any wetter! It took several miles for it to stop,and I rode on dry pavement for the next 17miles to the town South of us and back at 40mph gps, getting some break in miles on the engine at a steady 9,300 rpms...- Gabe

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                    Because I couldn t find any — Yamaha C3

                    Because I couldn't find any!

                    Fuel pump replacement instructions

                    1. Buy the $30 kit on Amazon with a fuel pump

                    2. Remove the gas tank cap and the gasket

                    3. Remove the two side panels, and center foot panel by removing 4 10mm bolts and about 8 Phillips screws

                    4. Disconnect fuel pump plug (the simpler looking plug) on top of the pump assembly

                    5. Remove 8 or so 8mm bolts holding the pump assembly onto the tank

                    6. Carefully wiggle the pump assembly out, careful not to damage the filter or the float dangling on. I didn't take the other connection on top of pump off cuz it looked fragile

                    7. Remove the pump from the bottom of the assembly by Prying gently on the three tabs with a flathead

                    8. When pump is 50% way off unplug two wires on top of pump

                    9. Pull pump rest of the way out and grab the small o ring on top of pump.

                    10. Remove the small clip with prying force via tiny flathead

                    11. Reassemble in reverse. I had to reuse my old filter as the new one didn't fit. Got a new clip though. I had to rebuild my float as I knocked it off pulling it all out

                    12. When tightening the 8mm bolts do it slowly in a criss cross pattern in 2-3 steps as to pull the pump assembly in evenly on the gasket

                    13. Test

                    14. Drink beer :)

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                      Hey All Just wondering if anyone knows specifically what the issue is with the... — Yamaha C3

                      Hey All! Just wondering if anyone knows specifically what the issue is with the fuel pumps? Like what causes them to fail in hot weather? Seems like I read once about an internal seal swelling up? I have an '07 (has had fuel pump and rod recalls done) and an '09, the '09 has stalled out and taken a while to restart on several occasions in hot weather (runs perfect in cooler weather, like below 80). I have not ran the '07 much in hot weather, so, it has yet to be seen how that one will do. I ordered 2 Caltric brand fuel pumps from amazon (good reviews) for $20 each and will be installing one on the '09 tomorrow, I'll post the results this weekend, as it is supposed to be hot here in Michigan the next few days. Has anyone had experience replacing OEM pumps with aftermarket ones?

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                        I have just returned from riding my original C3 Scooter with the Malossi 75cc... — Yamaha C3

                        I have just returned from riding my original C3 Scooter with the Malossi 75cc Kit after my Eye Doc cleared me to start riding my scooter's again...It has a new Fuel Pump and a flushed out fuel system along with the fueling adjusted (finally!) to where the mixture is right, all the way across the rpm range, with smooth fueling at whatever speed in our constant hills.My eyes have gotten better to the extinct I was able to see the RPMs on my wee tach/ hour meter on the way back from the 22 mile round trip down the State Hwy to the next town South of here and back...(10,800 RPMs at 49mph.) no longer running rich...I'll put some miles on her and keep you informed...

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                          Have just installed my third head gasket on the Malossi BBK — Yamaha C3

                          Have just installed my third head gasket on the Malossi BBK.

                          Changed now is that I let a workshop flatten the surface of the cylinder to the head, used 300 Celsius gasket seal and took about 1nm at a time with the torque wrench. Did you guys check your torque after the first (warm) run? Do you think this is necessary?

                          I think you might be able to take the lid of the head of and check the 4 nuts, but not the bolts at the right, without removing the engine from the frame...

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                            So for the last 7 months I was riding the rust bucket with no speedo — Yamaha C3

                            So for the last 7 months I was riding "the rust bucket" with no speedo. ink/10153850043474664/

                            Interestingly running with no speedo signal has a side effect that means stalls at low speed when braking to a stop.

                            There's a workaround I figured out: apply front brake then rear, let go front brake and keep rear engaged. Pump rear brake if it sounds like it's going to stall. That was enough to make it like a game to try to not have it stall. :)

                            Anyway, I was not riding as much as usual - there was no daily commute due to the fact that we had a baby daughter in January and I was on paternity for many months. But I really wish I knew how many miles I did without the speedo. Over a thousand I guess!?

                            Recap: in December of last year the speedo stopped working for the second time. The guys who did the repair last time told me they swapped the cable so I swapped the cable myself. No dice.

                            So this time I took it to some different guys. They replaced a gear and washer where the speedo cable goes into the front wheel setup and we are back in business.

                            Moral: replace the little parts! Use better mechanics!

                            In other news I just moved house to the countryside and 30mph max speed is not enough to feel safe on these country roads with 40mph to 70mph speed limits. So I will have to sell the scooter :( and go back to my vintage Honda NH80 that can do 45mph.

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                              Hey y all I was wondering if you had a particular maintenance plan for your C3 — Yamaha C3

                              Hey y'all I was wondering if you had a particular maintenance plan for your C3. I just got mine about a month ago and it's now up over 3,000 miles. It's running great and I really want to make sure it stays that way with routine maintenance so wanted to know what you do keep your C3 running well. I have very little experience with engines, and maintenance, but am open to trying most things I could achieve with a few tools.

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                                My scoot is having issues starting using the electric start With the bike off... — Yamaha C3

                                My scoot is having issues starting using the electric start. With the bike off, battery voltage is in the high 12's, with the bike running it's mid 13's.

                                When I press the start button, the starter tries to turn the engine over, but it sounds like it's not able to overcome the resistance of the engine. Voltage while I try to start it drops to about 6 volts.

                                Kickstart works first kick, and the bike is fine while it's running.

                                Most strangely, once the engine is hot the electric start works about 50% of the time.

                                Thoughts? I'm leaning towards the starter motor going bad, but I thought I'd ask for opinions here.

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                                  Any opinions on performance between stock vari w Dr Pulley sliders vs Polini... — Yamaha C3

                                  Any opinions on performance between stock vari w/ Dr Pulley sliders, vs Polini vari kit, vs Malossi vari kit? I feel like I'm hitting a very flat plateau at about 36mph. I'm guessing the limiting washer is still in place, but haven't pulled things apart yet. Figured I'd try to do things all in one go. Thanks for the advice!

                                  Silver 2007 w/ 2800 mi.

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                                    Chris McAlevy shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

                                    Just installed some 5 gram dr pulley sliders. I've only rode it up and down the block to test, but there is already a huuuuge difference in low end acceleration. No more dead spot between 10-20 mph.

                                    For those who don't know, stock rollers are 6 grams. Replacing them with a lighter roller means the transmission stays in a "lower gear" for longer, giving you better acceleration. The only downside is a very, very slight reduction in gas mileage.

                                    Dr Pulley sliders are also slightly different from the stock rollers, with advantages at all speeds as illustrated in this video:

                                    Install took about twenty minutes including putting away my tools.

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                                      Photos from Shawn Jones's post — Yamaha C3

                                      My first "mods", haha :-)

                                      A pretty good cup holder. I picked up this optics case over at Walmart for around 10 bucks. It has a loop that fits right around the peg under the front of the seat. Seems to be well insulated. I figure it should keep drinks cold. A Gatorade or Powerade fit nice and securely. I think a pint of Ben and Jerry's should fit in there with enough room to close the top.


                                      I also added a yellow bandana to the front. I am not a fan of darker bikes since I like to stay visible. I have some Plasti Dip waiting for when I have time to remove some of the panels. I am going to paint the front and sides white like another C3 I have seen on here.

                                      Also, I added a simple wrist watch. I picked out the one with the largest display. Very easy to see. I added some electricians tape to the metal backing so it doesn't scratch anything.

                                      Not shown: A phone holder for GPS/music player. That one has some loose adhesive, so I don't quite trust it.

                                      I questioned if I wasn't going a little overboard with all of these little additions, but I figure if I am going to be using this as a daily driver, I may as well make it feel like home.

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                                        Hi folks A few quick questions I bought some Mobil 1 SAE 10W 40 full... — Yamaha C3

                                        Hi folks. A few quick questions. I bought some Mobil 1 SAE 10W-40 full synthetic. should this work well for my C3? I read somewhere that there is a kind of oil to avoid, but I can't find the forum again.

                                        Would an iridium spark plug provide any benefit?

                                        Also, I read a comment that someone is able to buy the oem air filter from Amazon. For some reason, I don't get any results by searching for a Yamaha C3 or XF50 air filter. Does anyone have a link?

                                        Sorry these are all pretty basic questions.

                                        Thanks for your time!

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                                          Photos from Chris McAlevy's post — Yamaha C3

                                          Well, I figured out what the problem was. Belt was slipping at 35 because I didn't tighten down the pulley nut sufficiently when I put it back on. It was way loose when I went to take it off today.

                                          The drive shaft splines have been damaged by the piece that mates with the kickstarter. Now the stationary piece of the drive pulley won't come off, and the only reason I can see is the burring on the drive shaft splines.

                                          First two pictures show the burring, third picture shows how far I can pull the pulley piece out, fourth picture is just of the general transmission area to show what you're looking at.

                                          How screwed am I? Any suggestions?

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                                            Howdy all new to me C3 owner here Just bought it a week ago Basically a... — Yamaha C3

                                            Howdy all, new (to me) C3 owner here. Just bought it a week ago. Basically a pristine scoot, nothing wrong with it. It was maxing out at about 35 mph on flat ground, and going downhill would peg the speedo at the yamaha symbol, so >40 mph. Yesterday I pulled apart the CVT and removed the restrictor washer, and now the bike absolutely will NOT go over 35 mph indicated, even going down a steep hill. Once it hits 35, it feels like the engine is dragging, hitting a rev limiter or something like that. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Anybody have any suggestions on what I should look at?

                                            As sort of a secondary question, when removing the washer, should it just be taken out, or do you reinstall it somewhere else on the drive shaft? Currently I have it taken out and the rest of the transmission put back together just minus the washer.

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                                              If when your tires are due to be replaced and you want a bit higher gearing... — Yamaha C3

                                              If, when your tires are due to be replaced, and you want a bit higher gearing without changing the gear ratio and want to correct the speedometer to where it will run plus or minus 1/2 mph from 0-43mph (pegged out) gps...Simply go to a set of 130/90-10 tires...You'll have to pull the fugly rear fender, but the bigger tires ride better without clearance issues on front, and when you wear out your rear tire, just put the front tire out back...It'll have 500-600 miles left on it...And, put a new tire on front....You get more miles for your $$$$ and, always have fresh rubber on front....:)

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                                                Stephen Poon shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

                                                Ok I probably should have posted this earlier, but I am new to the scene so let me clarify a few things about NR Magic:


                                                NR Magic Replay link: oduct_id=989

                                                Japan WebBike Link:


                                                found on some other replay links like :


                                                純正マフラーの詰まりや破損など メンテナンス用マフラーとして人気のREPLAYに、 新型構造を追加する事によって走りにプラスαの余裕を獲得!更に、サイレンサー=ステンレス製に外観もグレ ードアップ!ノーセッティングボルトオン取付け、燃費向上、静かなeco性能はREPLAYを継ぎつつ、純 正代替仕様ながらも、少しスポーティな感覚をお楽しみいただける製品が

                                                Mac hine translated text: The popular REPLAY as a muffler for maintenance, such as genuine muffler of clogging or damage, winning a margin of plus α to run by adding a new structure! In addition, silencer = also grade up! No Settings bolt-on mounting appearance in stainless steel, fuel consumption improvement, quiet eco performance while piecing the REPLAY, while genuine alternative specification, «Replay products to enjoy a little sporty feeling "S" (replay es) ». Bore up correspondence. Because it is let me offer at the limit pursuit price to "Eco price series" raw materials - commercialization, subject to price increases without notice due to fluctuations in the purchase price.

                                                In short the Replay was designed for replacement of your stock muffler. you do get some additional performance, as "sporty feeling" lol.

                                                according to the NR Magic website the difference between V-Shock and V-Drag is pretty minimal as they have similar structure pick the one you like the design of the best. these are the "performance" mufflers with " A medium low speed Torque fully by running 10 to 15 %Power up realization! "Quiet" In "Fast" Most visitors will Reasonable."

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                                                  Bruce I need your advice. I have a mostly stock C3 that sat up for awhile — Yamaha C3

                                                  Bruce I need your advice. I have a mostly stock C3 that sat up for awhile. I took out the washer on the variator but left the old belt on.

                                                  It would run ok but it stumbled when pulling from a dead stop and seemed to surge a little.

                                                  Today I put a Mallosi multivar on it with the white contra spring. I left the washer out and installed a new yamaha belt thinking that would fix my issues.

                                                  Well it starts now with higher rpm but the surge is worse now then before.

                                                  It seems to do it when I snap the throttle open.

                                                  My honda elite 80 never had this issue.

                                                  Should I reinstall the washer?

                                                  Do I have clutch issues?

                                                  It seems to be ok if I am easier on the throttle.

                                                  Do I need to let things bed in first?

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                                                    So someone decided to tip over my scooter Saturday night causing the rear brake... — Yamaha C3

                                                    So someone decided to tip over my scooter Saturday night, causing the rear brake lever to bend slightly. It's still within my grasp and doesn't appear to have any cracks on it.

                                                    I'll order a new one from partzilla if I must, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on bending it back straight? I was thinking about heating it up at the bend with a torch and then using a table vice to straighten it.

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                                                      I was planing on buying a C3 from my buddy When I went to pick it up yesterday... — Yamaha C3

                                                      I was planing on buying a C3 from my buddy. When I went to pick it up yesterday and tried to give him the money, he refused it! He had just found out the day before that my fiancé and I are expecting and told me to keep my money and save it for the baby! Faith in humanity restored. I needed up with a 2007 C3 with only 3k miles on it! Just need to replace the fuel filter and it will be good to go! However I will be doing the standard tune up, oil, air filter, coolant, spark plug, and battery. But what a great deal!

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                                                        I ve been talking to Mr. Jiangwayne About his excellent lightweight. 1 1 2 lb — Yamaha C3


                                                        I've been talking to Mr. Jiangwayne About his excellent, lightweight (1-1/2 lb) Stainless Exhaust for the Yamaha XF 50 Scooter...About getting his factory started up once more...It's designed for the engine on our scooter...I have one on my 70cc scooter...I may be able to get him to be a guest on this Forum and interact with us about his Exhaust's and about putting a PayPal Ordering point on here to allow those of you that want to buy one an easy way to do so, with the Permission of the Brother's that Own this Site....We May be able to get a better price with a Group Purchase if enough of y'all are interested....I'm waiting to hear back from Mr. Jiangwayne...Ride Safe out there! - Gabe...

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