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I can see this happening, especially with 0bama (insurance not health) care. are-next/

I am sure that there must be something in this thing to address the potential danger of riding motorcycles, skydiving, boating, or anything where people are killed as a result of doing these things.

The IRS has no interest in our health, but rather in having us spend $20,000 per year for health insurance plans. What if you do not make $20,000/year? They are already threatening that if you do not spend that amount, they will be charging us fines for the difference. How is that the IRS has anything to do with health insurance?

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    Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

    I talked with Joel Sacher at ( after lunch today & my Multivar Overange performance kit is on the way...I'm excited about installing it on my, "New" '07 C3 scooter. Especially about the, "Torque Driver" that's part of the kit, said to add more top speed to a scooter, like an overdrive unit does to an automobile. I've been searching, and I may be the first to put the whole Malossi Performance kit on aYamaha XF50 scoot. As our Bro Roger Smiley says," I'm

    Stoked!" :)

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      How it all started Scored this 09 w 400 mi for 1200 off craigslist Was really... — Yamaha C3

      How it all started.. Scored this 09 w 400 mi for 1200 off craigslist. Was really gonna do a met or a ruckus, but didn't see a lot of the c3's bein done

      My inspiration (if u r on here) was a guy on c3 forum w the grey and orange one. Seriously thought his was so cool I had to do one. So happy w the c3 they are sooo underrated. Loved squeezing every new mph out of her as I did upgrades. Still gonna do a met soon but sure happy w the way it turned out. Unfortunately as you know not many parts and I had to do a lot of fab work. Dumped so much $ into this one it wont be getting ridden for a while. Strictly a show bike

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        Another 60 miles today in 55 degree weather with a bit of late afternoon... — Yamaha C3

        Another 60 miles today in 55 degree weather, with a bit of late afternoon sunshine. I was happy I'd worn my riding jacket, cold weather gloves, & full face helmet! I rode 10 extra miles, to the next little town south of here, to fill up with BP 93 octane Premium to which I added some SeaFoam...The increase in engine smoothness, & power, was immediately apparent. After I got home, there was a bit of engine oil on the shop floor under the new scoot...I traced it to the bottom of the transmission cover, which points to the oil seal in the case, behind the Primary Sheave. The scooter's been sitting in a warm, dry spot, pretty much all of it's life, the tires look new, with no dry rot anywhere. So, Chinese made seals that usually leak by 4,000 miles are needing to be replaced. When the rest of the Malossi parts arrive, I'll do it all at one time.

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          Selling my 2007 Yamaha C3. 1300. Like new no damage with 215 miles on it — Yamaha C3

          Selling my 2007 Yamaha C3. $1300. Like new/ no damage with 215 miles on it. brand new Yamaha windshield and luggage rack, 235mm air shock, brand new battery and Buzzetti side stand, washers removed and Dr. Pully 4 gr. sliders.....oil, antifreeze and trans oil all changed, all less than a month old.

          Scooter also comes with owners and Yamaha Service Manual. Will help with delivery on the east coast of Florida within reason. Please PM or email me at for more info

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            Just back feom riding 40 miles of our sweet quiet mostly deserted backroads — Yamaha C3

            Just back feom riding 40 miles of our sweet, quiet, mostly deserted, backroads. With nearly 600 miles on the Malossi Multivar Variator, it's shifting even more smoothly all of the time & fuel mileage has improved to 106mpg.(From 95mpg when it was new...) I somewhat depleted my saving account the other day, when I bought my scooter her early Christmas present...The rest of the parts Malossi recommends to accompany the Multivar variator...A "Torque Driver," Clutch & Bell kit, & Kelvar Performance belt. Thus far, They've been spot on, with the variator + spring...We'll find out if the rest of the parts are worth what they're asking for them! :) I've got quite a bit of stuff I'm going to put on Ebay before long, + I'll just have more if they don't work! Ride Safe! Blessings! Gabe

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              I am driving a chainsaw prop plane — Yamaha C3

              I am driving a chainsaw/prop plane...

              The super salty Massachusetts roads and my winter driving have taken their toll on the exhaust line, which disconnected from the engine. I feel like I need to wear hearing protection while driving as it is so loud at full throttle! On the plus side, I get a lot of street cred driving through downtown.

              Now, to be honest, it did come loose, not during normal driving conditions on the street, but when I had her off-roading on deeply rutted dirt back roads. So I dare say that I may have been pushing things just a wee bit.


              I'll have to get that fixed.

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                I just got back from a nice ride on a sunny calm afternoom The first thing my... — Yamaha C3

                I just got back from a nice ride on a sunny calm afternoom...The first thing my gps revealed was that with a 130/90-10 front tire, the gps + speedometer run about even (+/- 1/2 mph) up to 40mph... After that point, when the speedometer is past the tuning fork, (Where one would think 45-46mph would be.) my scooter was running 43.4 mph. In the rolling hills hereabouts, once I reached 40mph and started going up and down half mile or so long hills, the road speed varied from 38 to 48 mph, according to the severity of the hills, with the average speed running 42mph...This is waaayyy improved from the last gps run I made in the spring, with my modded stock variator. (3/32" shim behind the variator and D/P 4gr sliders...) That would run out to 38mph or so, hit the limiter and quit at 43mph...It also explains, the much quicker 52 mile trips I've been making to Walmart for groceries, since I installed the Malossi Multivar variator. So, there you have it! Call Joel Sacher in New York City, at (631) 470-2296 and get a Malossi Variator P/N 5113603 ($89.95 + 15.00 S+H) on the way...$105 is an inexpensive, "Bolt on" mod, that actually increases performance enough to put a grin on your face, + make it worth the possible 6 week wait to get it fron Italy! I've got a Malossi drive belt, #6112741 on the way, & will test it as soon as it arrives. (#6112742 is the Kelvar version) Gabe

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                  Hey guys I don t know if I shared this little secret But if you are wanting a... — Yamaha C3

                  Hey guys I don't know if I shared this little secret. But if you are wanting a Dr pulley Variator set up but they don't make them for our model scooter? Well here is a solution. Buy a Dr Pulley for a Zuma 50 or BMS 50 it will work. The one thing you have to do is remove the teeth on the ramp plate. Using a 13mm drill bit you can drill out the teeth of the ramp and BANG you have a Dr. Pulley Variator setup. I have all Dr. Pulley in my C3. Dr. Pulley Variator,Dr. Pulley HIT Clutch and Dr Pulley 3.5 Sliders. I'am very pleased with the out come. Hope all is well friends. Scoot Scoot

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                    I picked up my Baby at the Yamaha Dealer after lunch today New Bridgestone ML... — Yamaha C3

                    I picked up my Baby at the Yamaha Dealer after lunch today...New Bridgestone ML-50, 130/90-10 tires front + rear, really make a difference in ride quality. (I'll put my GPS on the handlebar mount this next week, & let you know if the taller tire corrects for speedo error.) The Malossi Multivar variator,installed just the way I received it from the Dealer in NYC, makes the Polini Hi-Speed variator (w/ Dr.Pulley 4gr sliders) I was using, and fairly pleased with, look like dated technology, by comparison! The 1,500rpm, White Clutch spring, clearly makes it work...It takes off more strongly, gets to 30mpg quicker, pulls hills better, and maintained a 3-4mph higher average speed,(Hanging in there at around 40mph indicated.) over all of the varied terrain I encountered, in the 43miles I rode from the Dealer, to my house...At $104.95 which includes $15 S&H... Even with the 4-6 week wait to get one from Italy, it's still money even better spent, than the more expensive Polini unit, which it will run and hide from...:) Gabe

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                      Going to fetch my C3 Scooter from the shop in tha am They did the 12 000 mi... — Yamaha C3

                      Going to fetch my C3 Scooter from the shop in tha am...They did the 12,000 mi Service for me (Which has the valve clearance checked...) I swapped a new 120/90-10 tire I had for one of their 130/90-10 tires,and had them put another 130 tire on the front wheel...Now, I can wear the rear tire out, put the 60% front tire on back, get another 1,000 mi out of it, & put another new 130 tire on front! Also, I think the bigger front tire May correct the Yammy Speedo that lies like a Politician, trying to get reelected! :) Since I've been running with my side covers, & transmission cover off anyway (While testing 5 variators for y'all!) I carried the Malossi Multivar variator that came in Wed, to the mechanic that does my work & had him install it while it was all apart...(The Malossi has their White spring, 1,500 rpm I believe, variator body, sliding sheave, and 6gr rollers.) I'll be riding it the 43 miles home from the shop, over some of the most hilly terrain in the county tomorrow, and report the difference between it and my POlini Hi-Speed variator, with Dr.Pulley 4gr sliders, & new Yamaha 1,000 rpm Contra spring...Gabe

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                        Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

                        We have a new member from France at that has an MBK Booster X "Giggle" Scooter, with the following done to it... "As a lot here Love This scooter,my scooter is one mbk booster x of color black and orange Of 2008,on the meter 1864 miles. My engine:Kit malossi 65 cc ( Breaking in )

                        Case electronic Force master 2, Delta clutch malossi,Wing clutch bell 107 mhr, malossi X kelvar belt, malossi Mutivar 2000, malossi Htroll pebbles 6g, Torque driver maloss...And, pipe origin ( Soon pipe Certainly One jiangwayne pipe two )

                        The party cycle will be modified this winter,Any helps For Improved overall performance will be welcome thank in advance."

                        Excuse me for my english Bad

                        Goodbye of the forum

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                          Hi I m a proud owner of a Yamaha C3 2009 and I m starting to have problem to... — Yamaha C3

                          Hi, I'm a proud owner of a Yamaha C3 2009 and I'm starting to have problem to start it. Even when gas tank is full. I searched and find that my problem is apparently a ''Vapor Lock''. I called Yamaha customer service and they told me to change the fuel pump. Anyone has this problem ? How have you fix it ? Is changing my gas pump by the same model will fix my problem ? Thnx for respond !

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                            I woke up at 0400 this am Had gotten in bed early for me at 2200hrs couldn t... — Yamaha C3

                            I woke up at 0400 this am (Had gotten in bed early for me, at 2200hrs) & couldn't sleep any longer. So, I started tinkering with my Polini variator a bit more...I reinstalled the Dr.Pulley 16X13mm 4gr sliders, with one 1/32" shim behind the variator, just to see what would happen. On the way,I stopped & refueled. It appears the new clutch spring cost me 9mpg, dropping from 109.5 to 100.7mpg) But, the performance is waaaayyy better with the new spring, holding 33-38mph indicated, in the steadily rolling hills, + pulling the bad hills better, than with the worn out Contra spring. The new spring, new weights,& new variator, will all begin to work together, after several hundred miles, likely bringing mpg back up....The 1/32" shim behind the variator,caused a noticable drop in performance over just the 4gr weights, with slower takeoff and 0-30mph time, plus having to have assistance from a good hill to hit the limiter at 9,000 rpms vs 9,200rpms without the shim, without a lot of downhill help. So, I'm reinstalling the covers and put some miles on them! I don't really like mixing sliding and roller weights, because the mixture won't perform as well as a set of sliders. But it will do, until I can either acquire a set of 4.25gr D-P sliders, or a set of 5gr sliders to mix with my set of 3.5gr sliders... The 4.25gr won't outrun the 4gr sliders 0-40mph, or in medium hills. However, in bad hills, it's stronger, as it's not hitting the limiter on the down hill, and it's better overall straight and level, at 38-40mph, because the engine speed is 1,000rpms less. (7,500 rpm vs 8,500rpm @40mph indicated, with the 4gr weights.) Ride Safely y'all! Blessings! Gabe


                            '07 Yamaha C3 Scooter

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                              I had ordered a new Clutch Contra Spring last week at my Yamaha Dealer I rode... — Yamaha C3

                              I had ordered a new Clutch, "Contra Spring" last week at my Yamaha Dealer & I rode the 43 miles over there after lunch, my scooter dragging around more + more , the farther I went. Since I had my covers off, the shop swapped out the weak spring with the new one. ($26 including parts.) On the way home, my scooter ran 7,500rpms at 40mph indicated, & 8,100rpms at 42-43mph. On the down hills, it now winds up to 8,900 rpms without being near the limiter. Fuel mileage has increased from 96.5 to 109.8...I'm putting the covers back on & put some miles on the new variator & weights , while I try to source a set of Dr.Pulley 4.25gr 16X13mm sliders...

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                                I awoke at 0400 couldn t go back to sleep Decided to go out to the shop and... — Yamaha C3

                                I awoke at 0400 + couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to go out to the shop and mess with my C3's variator some more...I pulled it and set it on the bench, searching for a way to set total variator weight at 25.5gr... Or, a set of 4.25gr weights...The new Prodegy variator came in last week, with bonus sets of 4, 5 ,& 6gr 16X13mm roller weights...I also recently received sets of Dr.Pulley 3.5 gr and 4gr 16X13mm sliders, I'd found at autotech355 on Ebay......I did the math, & three 3.5gr weights, mixed with three 5gr weights is 10.50gr + 15gr which =25.5gr... I've mixed rollers and sliders before, with no issues... It's kind of like an Auburn fan + an Alabama fan being married...Here in Alabama, it's called a "Mixed Marriage," But, it'll work! :) The test ride showed 40mph arriving at 7,900rpms vs 8,500rpms with the set of 4gr weights, and 43mph at 8,600rpms... 600 rpms below, where my limiter has been kicking in...It's pulling hills better than it was at the higher revs, because now I can keep the throttle at WOT going downhill. There's zero miles on these new weights, and only 1,200 miles or so, on the Polini variator...It will get better! :) Blessings! Gabe

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                                  Bruce Gabriel — Yamaha C3

                                  Bruce Gabriel

                                  Just messing around in the, "Wee Hours" Saturday morning, with my new polini variator, with a new set of Dr.Pulley 16x13mm 4gr sliding weights, that's causing my scooter to run 8,500rpms at 40mph indicated,and,a max speed of about 43mph gps, at 9,200rpms, with the speedo pegged. (My scoot saying,"Hills,What hills?!) I began searching for a better way to back the rpms off away from the hated limiter, without having to go to more total variator weight...I remembered how removing that restricting washer caused a resulting 5-7mph increase in speed. So, I inserted one Dr.Pulley 1/32" thick, variator shim, between the outer fan pulley and the sliding sheave. (Where the restricting washer had originally been.) and went for a ride...First thing I found was that the 0-30 to max speed times, didn't go down, like a set of heavier weights would cause, and I'm back to running 40mph indicated at around 7,500 rpms and max speed (43mph) at 8,200rpms, like with a set of 4.5gr weights...It no longer was into the limiter at 9,200 rpms and the take off and hill pulling ability may have been a half second slower...SO, if a 1/32" shim between the outer pulley and the sliding sheave, cuts engine speed by 1,000 rpm...Half of that, a 1/64" shim, should cut those results in half, with only a 500 rpm drop in engine speed, and nearly as stout hill pulling power

                                  as before! , (The equlvalent of running a set of 4.25gr weights.) Somebody do this with a tachometer, and check out my theories! It seems to simple to be right! Now, let me see if I can find some 1/64" shims or, some shim stock, so I can cut some out! :) Blessings!


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                                    1100hrs Wed 8aug12 My Dr Pulley 16x13mm 4gr sliders arrived today I replaced... — Yamaha C3

                                    1100hrs Wed 8aug12 My Dr.Pulley 16x13mm 4gr sliders arrived today. I replaced the 6gr rollers (36gr) that came with the Polini variator,with a set of 4gr Dr.Pulley sliders,(24gr) and rode the 50 mile round trip to Walmart & back, to get some groceries. Engine speed increased 2,000 rpm, for the same road speed as the 6gr rollers, + until it hit the limiter at 9150rpms, it didn't know a thing about a hill! 40mph indicated with the 6gr rollers was 6,500rpm, Vs 40mph with the 4gr sliders being 8,500rpm. At 9,150rpm, with the speedo pegged out at 42mpg or so,I was just hitting the rev limiter, which I find annoying when I'm in some of the bigger hills hereabouts, trying toi get a run at the next one, and have to back off on the throttle! 2030hrs My Prodegy variator also arrived today, with that nice selection of 4gr, 5gr, & 6gr, 16X13 roller weights... Just for fun, I installed three 4gr and three 5gr rollers in the new Prodigy Variator, (mimicing a set of 4.5 gr rollers)and put it on my scooter with a Dr.Pulley fan pulley.I just got back from riding 30 miles. I couldn't see the tachometer, but figure that adding three gr to total variator weight, cut emgine speed at 42mph, by 500 rpms. I hit no rev limiter this time.However, my scoot's almost back to dragging around! (However, we're dealing with new everything here,& it often takes seversl hundred miles to find out how new parts are going to work.) If i get a set of 4.5gr Dr.Pulley sliders, and mix three of them amd three 4gr sliders, in my variator I'll have 25.5gr total variator weight, or a set of 4.25gr sliders. Which should drop the revs at max speed (42mph) to 8,900 rpms...And, keep my scooter off of the limiter, coming off of a big hill. I'll get the gps out the next day or so, and do it during the day, so I can see the tach. If my figures are correct, a simulated set of 4.25gr D/P sliders in a Polini Variator, will turn my Scooter into a wee rocket ship! Ride Safe y'all, Blessings! Gabe

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                                      I just returned from an hour and a half ride in the peace and quiet of pre dawn... — Yamaha C3

                                      I just returned from an hour and a half ride in the peace,and quiet of pre-dawn, after having reinstalled my Polini Variator with about 1,200 mi on it. I had to get another complete Polini variator, to replace one of the little blue plastic guides, that the variator's plate rides on, to keep the weights aligned, as the pulleys open & close...(Our puppy chewed one of them up!) As I'd written last week, I'd reinstalled my modded factory variator, with a set of Dr.Pulley 4gr sliders (With 9,000+ miles on them.) last Saturday & my scooter inexplicably was hitting the limiter (For the 1st time ever...) at 9,185 rpms and 40mph indicated...I rode several hundred miles like that last week, backing off on the fuel, when a hill caused my C3 to hit the limiter...(And, averaged 98mpg for those two tanks of fuel!) I rode about 45 miles this morning, and hit no limiter of any kind! It's starting to break in some, and pulling power was pretty good... I was steadily pegging the speedo out on down hills (Although the 6gr Polini rollers cause the engine to drag around!) However, even the several sizable hills on my test route, my scooter only slowed down to 32-34mph,on the uphill side, vs 28-30mph with the stock variator...It's a really nice upgrade for the stock variator, for the money...I have sets of Dr.Pulley 3.5gr and 4Gr (16x13mm) sliders on the way, which were suprisengly hard to find. I finally found them at autotech355 at the EBAY Store. So,by mixing three of each,in the variator, (If you try this, be sure to paint both sides of a complete set of sliders, with magic marker,so you'll be able to tell them apart.Unless you have a Jewler's scale!) I'll be able to experiment with sets of 3.5gr, 3.75gr, + 4gr sliders, to see what total variator weight is best for the riding I do...Also, I found both a Prodigy, and a Malossi Multivar variator, which I'll do tests on,& post the results when they arrive...Ride like you're INVISIBLE!! It may save your life! Blessings! Gabe

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                                        At the Original C3 Scooter site which was pulled by it s Owner in Feb of 2010 — Yamaha C3

                                        At the Original C3 Scooter site,which was pulled by it's Owner, in Feb of 2010.I saw that '07 models, began having hard starting issues by June of '09. Quite naturally, since many had just gotten past their one year warranty,Yamaha Dealers were refusing to do anything about it, but charge big bucks for a replacement...($400-$600!) Since most of the folks that ride our scooter, bought it because of the amount of high tech, and quality, they got for $$$$ that was hard to come by,this was when I got involved, to see if I could find a way to communicate directly with yamaha, about their poorly designed, pump. That original Owner's Group jumped on Yamaha like that Widow Lady did the Sleezebag Judge, in that Bible story! And, lit their switchboards up daily! Slowly, but surely, Yamaha Customer Relations, and the nice, early morning Lady Supervisor,I keep talking about, began authorizing free fuel pump replacement...However, when that site disappeared, Yamaha was off of the hook,and quickly forgot! Your Mission, if you're up to it...Is to resume hounding Yamaha with your pump problems! It won't take very long! :) Gabe

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                                          I ve been modding my scooter s transmission a lot since the spring of 09 — Yamaha C3

                                          I've been modding my scooter's transmission a lot, since the spring of '09. The clutch and variator assemblies, both have to come off of the scooter,to change variator total weight, or to swap out a drive belt. (Likely, upwards of 25 times.)Yesterday, as I was in the process of installing my DR.Pulley Variator, with a set of D/P 3.5gr sliders, I noticed that the 17mm flanged nut that secures the clutch assembly, (Secondary Sheave.) to the rear axle, was unusually easy to remove. A closer look, revealed that it's threads were stripped out, +that the axle threads were undamaged. For several years now, I've been using slippage marks painted on the Variator + Clutch assemblies + I've been been removing and reinstalling the 17mm attachment nuts, with my Craftsman 1/2" drive air impact wrench, with a 6 point 17mm socket, using the lowest pressure setting it can be set to, along with 75psi of air pressure on my Shop's low pressure air line.

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                                            Ya I got to ride my C3 Because of the monsoons here in Tucson Az the temp... — Yamaha C3

                                            Ya!!! I got to ride my C3. Because of the monsoons here in Tucson,Az the temp went down to 81. Clouds and no rain at that time. So I pulled my scoot out dusted her off and gave her a start. She fired right up. She has been sitting for awhile because of the Heat. One thing that was funny she did hick up and shut down. Took a few seconds to get her started again. But once she was running it was time. Went for a 50 mile ride round trip. So much fun. My little work horse just turned 13,000 miles today. Stoked...

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                                              Alex This is part of your Scoot s Pollution Control System that provides... — Yamaha C3

                                              Alex...This is part of your Scoot's Pollution Control System that provides filtered air to the catalyst that's part of your stock exhaust...The hose that you see curled around the filter and secured with a tyrap,(Because of my pipe.) attaches to a fitting towards the inside rear of the stock exhaust, & is likely what came loose and melted. Your scooter will probably work better with it attached to Your muffler. (The air it supplies to the catalyst helps it to get hot.) Your Yamaha Shop may have to order one for you, since it looks to be a "Special Part..." However, it's just a rubber hose, & NAPA sells it every day, shouldn't be hard to make it fit! Gabe

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                                                Ok here is my issue In the last two weeks i have had to push my C3 4 times... — Yamaha C3

                                                Ok here is my issue, In the last two weeks i have had to push my C3 4 times between 2 and 4 miles home after i get out of work because it stalls when i sit at lights. On a side note it has been in the mid 90s most of this time and my C3 has to sit in a parking lot with little to no shade. Does anyone have a suggestion on what i can do to prevent this from happening or what the problem is?

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                                                  Hey everyone I asked a question over on the forum I guess I ll ask it here as... — Yamaha C3

                                                  Hey everyone, I asked a question over on the forum. I guess I'll ask it here as well... I am about to hit 1500 miles and its almost oil change time. I checked the oil level this morning and it is exactly on full, right where it was 500 miles ago when I changed it.

                                                  Is it too early to make the switch over to amsoil?

                                                  Thanks much!

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