YAMAHA HAS STOPPED THE MANUFACTURE OF THE V MAX 1700 They have stopped taking...


YAMAHA HAS STOPPED THE MANUFACTURE OF THE V MAX 1700. They have stopped taking orders as from 1 September 2016..... ! ! !

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  • In euro zeker, er is net een nieuwe kleur uitgebracht in Amerika.

  • I wonder if Yamaha just had modernised the old Gen1 Vmax and Marketed at a much cheaper Price than the Gen2....... the Gen1 might....... up to date.....still have been a Good Seller.... ! ! ! Look at all the Retro Bikes every Motorcycle Brand is Selling now.... ! ! !

  • Cees I know it's a bit confusing.......perhaps Yamaha USA had ordered a whole Batch of 2017 models just before the Yamaha Manufacturers had stopped taking orders at the end of August 2016.

    When Yamaha South Africa contacted the Yamaha Manufacturers they were told about the Order Deadline for the 2017 Models and......that production would stop in December 2016.... ! ! !

  • Die oude van mij kan nog 30 jaar mee.

  • Put that BOAT ANCHOR 1700 motor in a Venture (would help recoup some R&D/design costs, & give Yamaha a real competitor in the high HP 'dresser' market, which is HUGE right now...A bike like that, would give the Screamin' Eagle Harley Ultras FITS...!!!), & build us us a bike WORTHY of the name VMAX...!!!...Because If it can't run with the BIG DOGS, (Busas, B-Kings, ZX14s, & the like...) LEAVE IT ON THE PORCH,...because it's NOT WORTHY of the name, or the Legend...!!!

  • Now we are talking John.... ! ! !

  • Hans, I really do TRY to offer alternatives, & keep my criticisms constructive, when I'm not happy or satisfied with something...PARTICULARLY something I care so much about...!!! ...& IF I thought it would really make a difference,...I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to sit down with someone from Yamaha (AGAIN-1st time was in 2001) & try to CORRECT their mistakes,...& help make a VMAX worthy of the name again...!!!

  • Roll on The Gen 3 :-)