• Yamaha Nouvo Z 2010 59BV


    MTRT Chromebore Forged Piston 59mm

    MTRT 2V BV to 29.5x25

    SpecV Stg4 Cams

    5 turns SpecV Valve Spring

    SpecV Pulley + 7g Bola

    Keihin 28mm

    Faito 1400 Ignition Coil

    Corsa S22 16s (almost new rear 600kms

    - see pic) Tubeless F/R with Tire Seal

    Gaz-i Rear Shock

    RTD 6LED x 2

    MTRT Tappet cover

    MTRT Highnut (NEW)

    Chicken Stop Brakeshoe (NEW)

    New Anti Theft Ignition Switch w/ Cover

    RFID Anti theft alarm-ish system

    Kalkal + Re-elbow pipe

    Alaga sa Change oil (DELO GOLD 700-


    2nd owner.

    Open deed of sale (di na transfer saken)

    Newly Registered (January 2017)

    Loc. Malolos

    Literal na sasakyan na lang.

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