Anyone have a sensible idea what the problem might be with my S10 2010 — Yamaha Owners Forum

Anyone have a sensible idea what the problem might be with my S10 2010. Struggling to start crisply over the last few weeks, put it down to sub zero temperatures. But today has started misfiring on steady throttle or tick over without load. Under acceleration seems OK and still pulls as normal, fresh fuel of 97 octane filled up after it started and ridden 60 miles since then but still doing it. 28k miles on the clock, full service including plugs and one coil pack replaced at 25k in November 2016.

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    Photos from Shane Johnson's post — Yamaha Owners Forum

    Who wants the chance to own a 1 of a kind Yamaha bolt?! Today I have a heavily customized 2014 bolt. Bike has MAYBE 20 miles on it. This bike has been in several magazines including full throttle. It was a bike build off bike in which we finished second. No expense was spared in this build!

    Everything you see is either top of the line or a 1 off custom built for this bike. To build a bike of this caliber it would take close to 20k! If you want something wild that you will never see another of this is the bike for you. Included are a few pictures , link and pictures to our write up in full throttle. Any question feel free to call me directly. Bike is located at big St Charles motorsports in St Charles Missouri. ssue_2015_issuu

    Shane Johnson


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      I m after some advice guys. I ve got a running issue with my thundercat — Yamaha Owners Forum

      I'm after some advice guys .....I've got a running issue with my thundercat ......the engine when the bike is stationary revs and runs soon as I take it down the road it runs like a sack of shit ,holds back and won't rev properly ......Any ideas .....I've had the carbs apart once already because when I bought it it was running on two cylinders turned out to be blocked pilots ....

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        I ve always wanted an r1 since they came out always been too poor I haven t... — Yamaha Owners Forum

        I've always wanted an r1 since they came out always been too poor, I haven't rode since early 20s,now in my 30s though I ought to get a r6 as it's been a while since gixxer 1100 slabby streetfighter days and my mate had a low mileage r6 so I had it, now I'm thinking of getting an r1, can anyone give me pro's and cons,I haven't outgrown it just at 50 I feel it needs another gear and I'm always looking for it, all comments welcome no matter how silly, cheers ladies x

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          Photos from Alan Dunnet's post — Yamaha Owners Forum

          2014 WR450f 1137 miles 55hours, Fully derestricted FmF can with race map with a strong bottom end. Oil and filters done every 5 hours using Putoline off road4 nanotec. Bike is faultless and needs nothing at all. Registered 27/11/14 in my name. Bike never raced or used for commuting only used for fun in hills. Bike always cleaned and oiled after use. Only reason am selling is I've recently Han keyhole on my and don't want to make it worse before It gets better so going give the bike a miss for 4/5 months and will get a new one then. Bike in Orkney and can be shipped most places in uk with local haulage company for max of £250. Pictures were taken today and not been enhanced in anyway. £4850

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            Photos from Louis Thompson's post — Yamaha Owners Forum

            I know this groups pretty new but it would be cool if (depending on interest) getting some hoodies made up, I was involved with designing zx6r-uk tee's so I don't mind giving a hand to that, and I'm still quite friendly with the group so I can ask for details of the printers because it was very Good quality.

            If admin are worried about the payments and orders, it use to work like this. Payments were only to be made via paypal AND selecting friends and family, there was a 3 week deadline before a order was put in no payment no merchandise, if less than 10 were ordered then they would hit the refund button and just try another time.

            Wadda think admin? Everyone else?

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              ADMIN. PLEASE DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED — Yamaha Owners Forum


              Piper Silva to Cruel mean Bikers and or their families contributing to the community

              20 mins ·

              Okay this is for a friend who is quite unwell. I'm not at liberty to discuss their full circumstances but they've lost essential parts from their 1991 250cc Virago, which was stripped when left with a so-called 'friend'.

              If anyone can source a Virago selling for parts (cheap if possible) can you please let me know.

              This person is on disability and lost over $1000 when her bike was stripped and parts sold. Thank you

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                Hello quick question for you all My son as a Yamaha Ybr 125 it seems to have... — Yamaha Owners Forum

                Hello quick question for you all.. My son as a Yamaha Ybr 125 it seems to have developed a throttle cable issue when you pull it back it doesn't even attempt to return ... I lubed it up the other week been fine up to now I've just given it another spray with wd40 Inc on were cable attaches to the fuel injector. Still same could it be some return spring thanks

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                  Just joined up to date I have had 4 Yamahas FZ600 S1 FZ600 S2 FZ1 Gen 2 and my... — Yamaha Owners Forum

                  Just joined up , to date I have had 4 Yamahas FZ600 S1, FZ600 S2, FZ1 Gen 2 and my current ride the MT-09 ABS. Hopefully I have added a link from youtube , my mate Philip runs a Honda Hornet 900, I gave him a run on the MT-09 I think the grin on his face says it all, sorry about the sound quality still trying to figure my way to uploading my vid clips correctly. If the link is missing do a youtube search Lewis McColl and look for the link Philip trying my MT-09. I live in Spain and the footage was taken in the mountains not far from Benidorm. The ride was not pacey but the scenery is amazing and the roads are great.

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                    Anyone owned a fzr400 before I want to start a project next year and looking... — Yamaha Owners Forum

                    Anyone owned a fzr400 before? I want to start a project next year and looking for a little 400 to renovate. Either that or I've got the chance to get a vfr400 next year, but I'm undecided. Any stories of what their like, what i would need to do, maintain, replace, model specific problems would be greatly appreciated

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                      Andrew Richardson updated the description of the group Yamaha Owners Club. — Yamaha Owners Forum


                      This group is for people who own a Yamaha motorcycle or appreciate the Yamaha brand. We welcome discussion and pictures of classic or up to date Yamaha machines. This could be an old classic such as a RD 350LC or even a FS1E right up to the newest models such as RI, R6 or the fantastic new MT range. We welcome MX or trail riders with their WR or YZ models. We really like those ! If you post a picture of anything other than a Yamaha bike without reference or for the purpose of comparison to a Yamaha admin will remove it. Any such picture is not relevant to this group and quite frankly, not of any interest to anyone here. Yamaha rules.. Enjoy the group but please keep it decent ! Abusive text or sick photos will be removed and the person responsible removed from the group. In addition, internet bullies will be removed and blocked.

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