• Yamaha RD 350 HT 1984

    Yamaha Rajdooth 350 HT.

    Engine recently built with all the bearings from US (Engine n Gear box), Oil seals, Pro-x piston n Wesco pin bearing. (around 45k)

    Apart from crash guard complete OE bike running on points n unsleeved barrel with CNO (which is KA- mangalore) registration.

    OE indicators with lens

    OE switches

    OE seat with seat ring n document holder

    OE tail light n bracket

    OE HT Silencer

    OE koito dome

    OE pricol Speedo n tacho meter

    OE clutch n brake levers

    OE rear carrier

    OE mudguards n flaps

    OE rim n step spokes

    MRF nylon grip tires

    Hella redgrill horn

    New battery

    • Price? And are the papers clear?

    • Price plz

    • Interested!

    • Wtsap nmbr

    • Is this still available?

    • Muze rd 350 chahiye

      Prize bolo

    • Is this still available?

    • will pick it if your ready to give for 3.7

    • No.....it's a cost in mdu....1.3

    • Yes

    • plz come down

    • That's another RD...

    • Interested, price please