yamaha rx135 4/5 speed clutch bell


yamaha rx135 4/5 speed brand new old stock clutch bell for sale

Price includes shipping as well

Calls only 9886095436

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  • Harish Kumar, are you buying Girish Habib stuff? If no. Please don't mind them selling at their price. If you feel the price is premium, I will sympathize with you. Least we have anything to control on price perspective.

    I would politely request you to delete all abusive post as I don't see any reason to accuse here.

  • One of the finest restorers we have is savin nayak

    look at the restoration he did recently...

  • Harish Kumar why tension? Cool!

  • Ye Kay horra Bhai

  • Harish Bhai kaiku tension lerre

  • Bro you know what I'm

    And infact all others who are in forum know it

    First of all this dude needs to join some veta class

    And secondly no one cares about what he is bluffing

    He doesn't even have a proper fb ac with proper identity

    Request you to block cunts like these

  • Savin Nayak, hold on. No need to spill words. Let me try get this over.

  • Right from the beginning you can check yourself and go accordingly

    Since you're the admin of this forum and you have all rights

    Never cheated anyone in almost 3yrs since I'm in this group

    And also have been providing spares at a reasonable price an most of the spares at mrp for the 2 stroke enthusiasts

    Damnn these morons

  • I vouch for Savin

  • Karteek Deepak bro ignore these bastards

    Neither I sold any dented tank to any of my customer

    Nor sold any magnet covers saying it's oe

    All know it

    These cunts with no identity and a few fanboys following him are telling nonsense things which a educated one will ignore

  • I'll support Savin Nayak he's s trusted seller. I like his way tat he mention oe or after market parts. Go ahead bro

  • One basic thing people forget not only here but other forums too, if you really need something be prepared to pay for it. If you can't then just stay away and start searching for parts yourself, then you'll understand. No one is doing charity over here. I know Girish and Savin, absolutely genuine people.

  • If the spare fits the pocket buy , if not negotiate n buy

    Don't make a quarrel..

    Nothing comes free / easy

  • Chainchak

  • Guys, have bought a lotta stuff from Savin Nayak, he gave all authentic oe stuff on mrp prices.. he's a trustworthy guy.. I just don't agree with allegations of certain individuals.. keep up the good work, Savin ..

  • Fact Karthi