YAMAHA rxking 5speed gearbox for sale.in good condition.Price for per set.shipping available.if interested wtsapp 9995750969

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  • To costly bro

  • Good pricing, compared to the used Indian boxes which are on sale nowadays.

  • is rx king's gearbox is different than regular 5 speed gearbox ?

  • What is the final cost

  • Bhai price

  • Hi, can this be used in the Indian Rx 135

  • Yes

  • new r usd

  • My friend talked to a track racer few days back,, RxKing gearbox is not recommended for indian 4 or 5 speed Cylinder kits, due to differences in compression/Power/bhp ratio, hence power delivery band is different. King gearbox ratio is matched to king powerband for better output, in indian Rx it cannot transfer full power from crank to rear tyre., thats why people call it close ratio gearbox. Means it increases acceleration a bit, but top end dies out very quickly.

  • Is there negotiated