Quick question I picked up some black spray paint adheres to plastic for the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Quick question, I picked up some black spray paint (adheres to plastic) for the chrome parts on my bike. But assembling model cars as a kid I know for a fact that I suck at spray painting. It always gets bubbly or bumpy. So Im thinking about trying to hydro-dip it all. Do I just spray the paint on the water? Or do I have to spray something else on it first? Thanks!

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    Photos from Tony Hunter's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

    Well guys her she is besides front fender (getting painted) but I'm not a shop. I'm not a engineer. I'm not a fabricator. With a help of a 2 buddies and hand garage tools. This is how she turned out. I had no clue what to expect starting this thing. How it would turn out. I couldn't picture it in my head. No body has ever done one to this degree so I couldn't go off anyone else. I love baggers but wanted to do something different besides a Harley. I wanted my own look and I think I got that. I know some people won't like it and some will. But honestly I love it cause it's mine. Is there still more todo? Always. But for the most part I'm done. It's been such a headache. Prob just the handle bars in the future and some how some way I'm getting the front to have air ride. Just have to figure it out. I'll post pictures of me enjoying it but for updates I think this is about it. Until next year lol. Can't wait to start riding and hopefully I can see some of you out. Thanks guys

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      Someone had a post about dealers not putting in a 240 tire just providing my... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

      Someone had a post about dealers not putting in a 240 tire....just providing my experience. Went to order my 240 Mich- guy asked if I was putting it on my Stryker and then said he'd have to think about it and he may not do it. ....second dealer that's said that. Is there something I'm missing for 2 different dealers afraid to out on the the 240?? There are no mods on the bike right? Fits on stock??

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        So after the summer is over I decided I m going to rip this bike down to the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

        So after the summer is over.. I decided I'm going to rip this bike down to the bone. Piece by piece. Then going to powder coat the frame and get the engine out to Cali for a custom paint job.... Then once I get it all back together. Sending the hole bike out to Seattle. Time to look into a supercharger on it. There is a guy that is a top notch engineer at Boeing. And my friend Doug said this guy is amazing with bike engines. They work side by side even at home. Well that's my plans for next winter break.

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          Okay you northern folk Rode back from Daytona to Orlando last night down some... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

          Okay you northern folk. Rode back from Daytona to Orlando last night down some back country roads in about 50° weather. By the time it was over my hands were hurting. The brutal summers have taken a toll and thinned my blood. What gloves are ya'll rocking for the really cold days. My deer skin isn't cutting it.

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            So I started to relocate the keyed ignition and holy mother of God that s... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

            So I started to relocate the keyed ignition and holy mother of God that's involved hahah. I had it all apart down to the part that the security bolts needed to be removed then I stopped because in all honesty that part of the triple tree and frame is butt ass ugly! I had to have stood there for over an hour just staring at it trying to figure out a way to hide the ugly. Needless to say it's all back together back the way it was. That was a bummer.

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              Kevin Senical shared a link to the group: Yamaha Stryker Owners. — Yamaha Stryker Owners

              Hey guys, looking for recommendations on headlight replacements. I don't hate the stock can, but I don't love it. Always really liked the stretched look of the VTX can... As much as I cringe when I think about putting a Harley part on my Stryker, the DayMaker is a pretty bad ass light.

              Anyone done anything cool? I also just considered upgrading to this bulb:

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                Greg Burke shared a link to the group: Yamaha Stryker Owners. — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                In my opinion, this is a worthy cause. The church I attend has partnered with a church in Texas and one in Wisconsin to help raise money for missions in Nicaragua. To do this, they are asking for donations, and sponsorship of the riders.. Yes, riders.. As part of their efforts ADV bikes are being ridden from Texas to Nicaragua. The bikes will then to donated to the missionaries so they can get around easier..

                Helping can be as easy as buying a t-shirt.

                (I'll post more links in the comments)

                Thank you all for your support.

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                  I might have asked this before But the idea is back in my mind again Does... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                  I might have asked this before. But the idea is back in my mind again... Does anyone have the low and mean(or other) radiator chin scoop WITH a linbar, or any other crash bar that bolts to the frame in that area? I spoke to low and mean, because you know they deck out bikes. And they acted like they've never heard of such Bologna. However, insisted I still buy the chin scoop and "see" for myself. Not that I wouldn't mind.. But I'm not giving up my Lin bar.

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                    Hey guys quick question I have a 2011 stryker had no problems until yesterday i... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                    Hey guys quick question,I have a 2011 stryker had no problems until yesterday i went out for a ride and out of nowhere i get strong acceleration hesitation, extra stutter and a lot more backfires, opening throttle all the way i get a little hiccup here and there happens on all gears actually.Could this be a fuel pump issue?

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                      I have a question for the group — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                      I have a question for the group

                      So far I have a love-hate relationship with this 2013 stock Stryker , I only have it about 2 weeks

                      When I test rode the bike I notice she was very giddy on the throttle and up and down shifting was anything but smooth ,

                      Coming from a vstar 650 I was thinking it's just me like I need to find the sweet spot / throttle/clutch , and as for shifting she sounds like crap , I'll be honest I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle ,as I said it stock , any light on this is appreciated

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                        Question for you all Out of the guys that have lowered thier bikes why have... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                        Question for you all..... Out of the guys that have lowered thier bikes why have none (that I've noticed) of you lowered the front to match? You wouldn't lower just the back of a car would you? No. You need to keep everything in balance. Our bikes are so well balanced if you only address one end of the bike the other will be drastically compromised. Has anyone lowered the front as well?

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                          Dave Hanke shared 3TV Phoenix's video to the group: Yamaha Stryker Owners. — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                          First guy goes down because of the dog. Why did the 2nd guy go down?? Incorrect application of heavy braking. Why did he have to slam on the brakes so hard? Because they were at highway speeds, in a staggered formation, without enough following distance for the speed they were traveling.

                          This is why we run single file and give each other space when we do our country runs!

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                            Photos from Abraham Rachael Caisedo's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners


                            Selling a 2011 Yamaha Stryker 1300cc. Bike has only 3,650(very low) miles on it but will be going up as i do use it daily. I got the bike with only 2250 miles and it has been nothing but awesome since i got it and gets tons of compliments everywhere i go. It now has a Longshot Vance and Hines full exhaust and a FI2000 Cobra tuner. Also will come with an engine guard (not currently on it), has a passenger backrest, and a small yamaha windshield, also has battery tender installed. I am not interested in any trades and im pretty firm on price. Riding season is right around the corner and this is a great bike to be on. Feel free to give me a call or txt at any time since i do work graveyard i can answer at almost anytime of the day. Also have a few helmets and riding jackets im willing to let go of for some extra cash. 1st picture is how the bike currently is last couple pics is just to show engine guard and how the bike was when i got it. I do have the stock exhaust for it ad it was drilled out some so its a little louder than stock but not as loud as the vance and hines thats on it. Located in Hurst, Texas.

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                              What s everyone using for carrying registration insurance etc I have a fork... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                              What's everyone using for carrying registration, insurance etc. I have a fork/tool pouch on my Dyna Low Rider, but really want to keep the Stryker low and simple. Heading down the street to Bikeweek for a few days, so J&P is always my first stop. Also, are the black chrome Iso tridents able to go straight to the frame downtube? Or is the small engine guard required? I'm building my list ya'll. Lastly, since I just discovered this bike, I'll be keeping my eyes open in Daytona. Hope to see some riders there. If you're going and passing down I-95 at Exit 58 on Friday 3/17/17 about lunchtime, hit me up. We'll get a group going.

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                                Help — Yamaha Stryker Owners


                                Guys I'm looking at spending some cash and upgrading my exhaust and fitting a power module but I am not sure of the best value for money. I'm not looking for extreme race bike performance I just want a nice clean sound without flat spots and popping. I have a Cobra Powerflo air intake to fit already. So I am looking at the Cobra swept exhaust and the Fi2000R fuel module as it's simple plug and play. I'm also looking at the Freedom Performance sharp curve exhaust or the Vance & Hines twin slash staggered system.

                                So many choices so little money.

                                Please any feed back would be great.

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                                  Photos from Tony Hunter's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners


                                  Selling one of my mtx sound bar that I just bought 2 weeks ago. Didn't need it but wanted to be super loud but I can't Bluetooth 2 speakers together so I would have to run another wire. Just looks crowded on the handle bars with 2. Just payed $400 for this thing but want to get rid of it quick. Universal for any bike. Buyer pays for shipping

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                                    Ok so today when i pulled up in my garage and shifted into neutral the the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                    Ok so today when i pulled up in my garage and shifted into neutral the the Engine Trouble Warning Light came on and the motor/transmission made a weird sound. Only did it for a second or 2. Thought it was weird so took her out again for a short ride and nothing, everything seemed normal. Pull-up in my garage again and it did it again when shifted into neutral. Light turned on and the sound of the motor changed for about 2 seconds and then went back to normal. Yesterday i added some fuel injector cleaner when i pumped gas. That's the only thing I've done different that i can think of. Has anyone had that issue?

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                                      Have any of you ever had an issue where you would put the key in your bike and... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                      Have any of you ever had an issue where you would put the key in your bike and the electrical stuff would flash and then immediately shut off? It happens off and on, sometimes the bike runs, sometimes it won't. The battery is only two months old so I know that's not the problem. Maybe a short in the ignition? Any ideas?

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                                        Just joined haven t actually purchased the Stryker yet but plan on getting one... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                        Just joined...haven't actually purchased the Stryker yet but plan on getting one within the next month or so....I have one question I'm hoping you owners could help me with. My wife came with me today to look at one, and when she sat on the back seat we noticed the passenger pegs were pretty high. The positioning had her knees damn near up by my shoulders, and she's only 5'3. Anyone have passengers complain about the back foot begs? Also is there anyway to adjust them? I'll probably end up buying one regardless and she'll have to deal with it lol but it would be nice to get some input, since we plan to take one long trip a year on it.


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                                          I ve been riding around with Ivan s Flash now for a week and about 150 miles — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                          I've been riding around with Ivan's Flash now for a week and about 150 miles. Best product for our bikes I believe.

                                          So since installing I had 87 octane in my tank still and ran great. Switched to 91 and sweet Jesus I could tell the difference immediately pulling out the gas station.

                                          Is anyone running higher octanes with the flash and can tell the difference. Might get some 93 next.

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                                            2011 yamaha Stryker 1304cc custom with all the upgrades and even fat rear tire — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                            2011 yamaha Stryker 1304cc custom with all the upgrades and even fat rear tire!!! 240 wide.

                                            Comes with

                                            -Cobra Swept Pipes

                                            -Baron Highflow Air Intake

                                            -Cobra gas/air Auto-Tunner

                                            -Chrome small engine guards

                                            -Cobra radiator cover

                                            -custom raw low profile seat

                                            -original yamaha 2seater

                                            -custom rear brake light

                                            -New 240 Cobra Avon rear Tire

                                            -New front Cobra avon white wall tire

                                            -Chromed yamaha quick release passenger backrest (also used as sissybar)

                                            -headlight LED kit

                                            -new rear brakes and new rotor

                                            -new front brakes

                                            -black metal side plate holder plus brake light/plate light

                                            -legacy black dmv plates

                                            The bike is clean title, rescent oilchange and tune up, 0 accidents, clean record. 0 issues, runs strong, loud pipes, handles perfect on canyons and street with or without passenger. Adult owned, and babied... has Only 18,160 miles. Only used every other weekend. Plates expire next year. With about $3,000 worth in new parts. Not including labor.. if you dont know what motorcycle labor is, they usually charge 80140 just to install a tire... imagine pipes, electrical wires, tuners etc... unique bike already customed, you wont find another just like it.

                                            $7,000 obo

                                            (Im including a collage picture of the major parts so you see what they cost like.

                                            -sorry no trades, cash only- no deliveries, no shipping

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                                              Shane Scalpi shared a link to the group: Yamaha Stryker Owners. — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                              FYI... SS Custom Cycle Inc kicking off the 2017 with 20% off All Mustang Seats until Jan 31st... Simply go to the website https://sscustomcycle.com/

                                              - Select your Mustang seat

                                              - Click add to quote

                                              - Add coupon code, mustang-0117-20

                                              - Complete your submission form & click submit

                                              - The website will generate your discount pricing confirmation and send it via email with a secure payment link. Free Shipping is included to 48 states ...

                                              This coupon code can also be used for orders outside the USA as well. Additional shipping will be calculated and applied to your quote...Hi-Tech, that saves you money!

                                              SS Custom Cycle Inc

                                              Awesome Parts, Great Prices and Exceptional Service!

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                                                Cobra slip on baffle removed with end cap in place. it makes a difference — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                                Cobra slip on baffle removed with end cap in place (it makes a difference). Kuryakyn Alley Cat intake and EJK tuner.

                                                I ran through the gears and the popping is gone(inaudible) and it's not any more obnoxious than the louder HD's. I'm going to ride it like this for a couple days and see how/if it effects performance. I could get used to it as long as it doesn't slow my bike down.

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                                                  Photos from Wolfgang Sixl's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                                  After getting my new CNC plasma table set up and running a few weeks ago, friends asked me immediately for a metal "Raider" sign. Being a "Raider" owner myself, I understood the urgency and made them available as soon as I could. Barely had I posted those signs, I was asked how long it would take me to make one for "Stryker" owners too.

                                                  Here it is!

                                                  It is cut from 12ga mild steel, raw unfinished, 23" wide and 12" high. Cost per piece $42.00 + $22.00 shipping and handling.

                                                  You can send me a PM or order through PayPal account sales@6ldesigns.com.

                                                  Please let me know if you have any questions.

                                                  Thanks! :)

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                                                    Photos from Aaron Elliott's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                                                    Just got back from the tyre place and they refuse to fit 240 as it has the stock 7.5in rim. Since I'm not a huge fan of the stock rims anyway I'm looking at custom wheels. I found these, and think they would look even better in chrome - has anyone got a picture of something similar or other ideas for custom wheels for the bike?

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                                                      Photos from Tony Hunter's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners


                                                      FOR SALE!!! ($1500 not including shipping) located Indianapolis Indiana. Here it is 26" wheel and tire and fender. Paid $3000 for the set up. Rim and rotor was $2200 fender was $350 (not including modification to make it work) tire was $350. Mount and balanced beads was $100. All adjustments have been made where you put it on and ride. Only thing you will need to do is grind down your factory bearings to make it work on your bike. Reason for selling is I got a new wheel coming in the next couple of weeks. No blemishes on wheel. Only on the bike for 1500 miles. Have a 26" set up for half the price with no wait time Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks guys and gals

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