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I'm finally doing it...

I'm selling Lee's 2000 Yamaha VMax motorcycle with approx 23k miles on it for $3000 OBO. Carbon fiber finish. Carbs replaced/synced by dealer approx 250 miles ago tires replaced the same time as well as front shocks rebuilt. I need a jet ski to take to the lake with me and the motorcycle is too big for me anyway. I never ride nor do I have the desire to ride it. Comes with extra Corbin seat and motorcycle cover If you know any experienced riders that are looking for a fast muscle bike let me know; also willing to trade for a decent jet ski.


Having a little trouble with an 04 Vmax fuel reserve When the fuel reserve... — Yamaha V-Max

Having a little trouble with an 04 Vmax fuel reserve.. When the fuel reserve light comes on, and it's switched over to the reserve on the bars, fuel isn't flowing through the reserve and basically leaves you stranded on the road.

TL;DR: fuel doesn't flow through reserve when switched over after light comes on.

Any ideas or solutions? Where exactly am I looking for the fuel reserve?

Thanks not advance!


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Just looking to see if there is interest. I am considering selling my '88 max. Needs carb work, one fork is leaking, and needs kerker collector. has ufo rims and radials, frame braces, led tail and turn signals, corbin seat. Located in north florida. has 47088 miles.


Had my 2005 V max for 6 months My last bike was a Fazer 1000 but as much a i... — Yamaha V-Max

Had my 2005 V max for 6 months, My last bike was a Fazer 1000 but as much a i liked the bike i never really liked its looks and it just wasn't me, The opportunity came up for me to get a V Max so i jumped at the chance. The switch from the Fazer to the V Max was a bit of a learning curve because the day i picked up my V max it was raining heavy all day and the bike had a new rear Tyre and i have never rode a shaft drive before and the first junction i came to i kicked down a gear let the clutch out the back end of the bike was sliding all over the road. It didn't take long to realize that my V Max needs respect.


Ok Vmax Owners i have a question that needs to be figured out and appreciate... — Yamaha V-Max

Ok Vmax Owners i have a question that needs to be figured out and appreciate any input .. i seem to get a high speed weave and im not sure whats causing it , I recently replaced both tires and tightened the head bearing and put a spitfire windshield on the bike the weave was there at high speeds before i did any of this stuff so i doubt it has anything to do with recent changes but not sure . could the wind screen cause it to get worse . i sure hope not cause driving it with it on there is so much nicer for me .. Oh and my weave seems too start around 160 170 klms per hr . before the changes it was starting about 10 klms a hr faster . As i said any input would be considered and looked at . Thank you .