hallo und moin — Yamaha V-Max

hallo und moin

ich mache schon seit uber 5 jahren jedes Frühjahr einen vergaser workshop fur vmaxxen.

wer intresse drann hat .einfach melden . sinn und zweck is zum einen die vergaser top herzurichten . zum anderen das erlernen der selbsthilfe .grade was es einstellen und synchronisieren betrifft .

wer intresse hat kann sich einfaxh bei mir melden . adresse is in mittelhessen

gruß Baron

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    Just spoke with the head mechanic from UFO Doors are shackled shut with rent a... — Yamaha V-Max

    Just spoke with the head mechanic from UFO.... Doors are shackled shut with rent a cops in place... Cease and desist order has been issued..... Guy can't even remove his own damn personal tools..... Read into it what you want..... RIP UFO.....

    PLEASE SHARE this with all Vmaxxers and vmax groups.... This might get ugly so hold on to your wallets and hope for the best...

    I'd be weary of any ebay items from their account as well...... Jon Cornell is probably rolling over in his grave....

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      Photos from Frans Van Doleweerd's post — Yamaha V-Max

      Bids requested for all in one sale.

      Shipping is possible ... cost to the buyer ..

      2 x Scoops including rubber and PVC panels.

      2 x side panels.

      1 x New rear brake caliper. including new brake pads.

      4 x Carburetors lids.

      1 x Yamaha Genuine Leather Jacket, from the 70 ....

      This jack is rare ...... size 52 ........... !!!! .

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