Help. Pushrod Oil Seal — Yamaha V-Max

Help! Pushrod Oil Seal

I don't know if it was leaking but since the rebuild kit came with a new one, I decided to replace it.

I tried pliers, screwdriver and coat hanger and can't get it out, but it is trashed now so I can't keep it in.

First, does it fit over a metal piece and does the metal piece come out?

Then do you fit the new one over the metal piece?

How would you suggest getting the rest of the old seal out?

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    John Furbur shared his post to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

    2003 VMAX

    'Black Jackie'

    (available with black wheels)

    22.5K well-maintained miles

    (Garage-kept-& it SHOWS...!!!)

    Coated Hindle 4-1 w/custom stainless canister

    (Sounds & looks GREAT-Can be coated or polished)

    Stage 7 jetkit & K&N filters


    Engine side covers

    Hand grips

    Master cylinder covers

    Ready to RIP...!!!

    ('Thunder ' rally delivery available)


    610 -509-VMAX(8629)



    for questions/details

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      Good day — Yamaha V-Max

      Good day!!!

      I am still new to the group & woulf like to know if there is any one on here from south africa that can give me some info as to why my bike jumps out of second gear & roughly how much it would cost to repair. its a 1995 Vmax 1200.


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        Hey guys I would like to discuss the infamous starter clutch problem As you... — Yamaha V-Max

        Hey guys I would like to discuss the infamous starter clutch problem. As you may have noticed this is the weak spot on the bikes, the starter clutch of the vmax, xv400,500,535 virago and vision have the same design. In the pic below you can see how the starter clutch looks like, this one is damaged. It consists of a housing with 3 rollers, pins and ballpen like springs, not exactly very heavy duty for starting specially if you have a weak battery the pic below happens. So I would like to share this with you guys a more heavy duty starter clutch with 6 rollers for more holding force to prevent slipping compared to the stock with 3, I know a few guys who used them on their virago 535's with good results and smoother starting, just remember when you install the 3 allen bolts on the flywheel to use red loctite, torque them to specs and peen the end of the bolts, hope this helps.

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          Photos from John Collier's post — Yamaha V-Max

          For Sale 07 Vmax 1200 with 13k miles. Supertrapp exhaust, New pirelli front Tire has about 1000 miles on it. I just put a new Dunlop rear tire not more than 100 miles on it along with rear brakes. I put a new regulator rectifier 1500 miles ago along with a new battery. I also recently had the carbs cleaned and adjusted. This bike has never been wrecked and has always been garage kept. I'm asking $6000 OBO.

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            Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha V-Max

            MORE VMAX 'goodies' for Sale!!!

            (off a 2000 w/11K miles)

            SportMax 'weave' 3pc seat-SOLD

            Black 'shorty' YAM backrest & taillight-$300. + shipping

            Progressive 412 rear shocks(stock length)-$175. + shipping

            Black YAM engine guards-$100. + shipping

            'Blacked-out' YAM 'flyscreen'-$75. + shipping

            Tank 'bib'-$25. + shipping


            or< /p>


            (for quicker replies/purchases)

            RIDE ON!

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              For those of my friends who laugh at me all the time that we stopped for gas — Yamaha V-Max

              For those of my friends who laugh at me all the time that we stopped for gas .... I crossed Chibougamau Park this weekend ... 196km for 12.8 liters .. .. so ... 15 liters ( size of my tank) 12.8 liters less ... me was still 2.2 liters !!!! Consumption of 6.5 liters per 100km ... but by rolling cushy .... I could have done even 33km !!! So ... with my full tank ... I can do 229km !! Better than I thought !!

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                Anyone else here remember the urban legends surrounding the V Max When I got... — Yamaha V-Max


                Anyone else here remember the urban legends surrounding the V-Max? When I got my 1st V-Max (1985 model I bought in 1993), I remember people talking about how Yamaha had to reduce the horsepower on subsequent models because guys were flying off the back during sudden full throttle acceleration. I also remember a story of how a dude wrecked trying to make a turn at high speed but the engine got in the way during the lean....funny stuff I always took with a grain of salt but here is a serious question: WAS there a reduction in horsepower after the 1985 models, and if so, when? The first models were rated at 145 hp but I think the dyno tests at that time showed 119 hp at the rear wheel. I have a 2000 model and I see where it was only rated around 97 hp. Anyone know why?

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