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Diversion rear wheel conversion- which year, size, model should I be after please? (Keeping std swing arm)

Many thanks


So the moment I ve been dreading since I bought my max happened today Riding... — Yamaha V-Max

So the moment I've been dreading since I bought my max happened today. Riding to work just cruising along my revs dropped and the bike purr purred like a sick lion and died. 2500 km away from it's next scheduled service I did not think it would happen. Luckily for me one of south africas leading Vmax mechanics lives one town over from where I stay and he will be fixing her up tomorrow. Hold thumbs that it's something small guys. Have had issues with my battery lately, so hoping that's all but my gut says otherwise. And that's why when your girlfriend says you should have your bike checked you should listen.


V-Max 1200 stainless steel screw kit — Yamaha V-Max

A well thought out and extremely detailed 215-piece all Stainless Steel hardware restoration kit with clear easy to follow instructions. Kit contains Button Allen head, Cap Head Allen, and Flat head Allen in grade A2-70 stainless steel to replace stock screws on awesome and timeless Yamaha V-Max bike.


Hi People I am having bit of a problem with my 86 VMAX it has been running... — Yamaha V-Max

Hi People, I am having bit of a problem with my 86 VMAX, it has been running perfectly until a few weeks ago. I gave it a good wash and polish, then rode it back to the garage...all good.

I then popped back to the garage to go for a ride 2 weeks later, started it up on the choke, no problems, then it just cut out! it would not start and i flattened the battery trying.

i have since charged the battery and I took the opportunity to go over to COPS, but it still will not start.

Has anyone any ideas as to a few check points, it has plenty of fuel, the pump primes an there is fuel coming out from the pump...I have not done any other checks as yet.

i was just wondering where to start the checks from here?

Any help is greatly appreciated


I saw this post of a fellow V Maxer selling his Max. I had to share — Yamaha V-Max

I saw this post of a fellow V-Maxer selling his Max. I had to share.

Okay. Full disclosure. I almost killed myself on it.

It is VERY powerful. Extremely, EXTREMELY fast.

I’ve driven bikes that don’t feel as crazy as this thing. I am frankly afraid of it.

That’s right. It’s in my garage and I’m afraid to ride it because it’s like a crazy steroid bull that wants to kill me. The vmax is a completely different bowl of crack. The engine sounds like 40 pit bulls eating kittens while lifting weights.

I cannot truly explain it’s power. It has whiplash acceleration in 3rd gear at 50mph. That sentence doesn’t even make sense. But it’s true.

That’s why I’m telling you. I will not have your soul on my conscience.

You need to know what you are getting into. What insane level of crazy you are buying.

Can you resist the urge to mash down the throttle? Can you? Because it’s like owning your own demon. A demon that wants to kill you. We all know one person that for the right amount of money would kill you. But since no one is paying, they smile in your face and go about their day.

It’s like that except the vmax doesn’t bother to ever pretend it doesn’t want to kill you.

And it will do it for free.

Some brilliant engineer designed a beautiful sexy bulging body, decent suspension, less decent handling and aerodynamics, with all American style. While he was out on his lunch break, some demented maniac dropped 100 times more engine power than necessary into it and sent it out the door. It’s mentally unbalanced.


If you are the type of person that can be talked into having one more drink at midnight when you have a very important presentation or interview early the next morning, then the vmax is not for you.

The whole bike is constantly whispering sweet lies to you.

“You got this”.

“Open me up and ride free, you got this”

“What are you a pussy?”

“Just do it”, “Do it”, “you got this”.

Do not do it. You don’t got it. You ARE in fact a pussy. And as we all know, pussy is mad good. But not that good.


Photos from Frank Jay Annand's post — Yamaha V-Max

Hello ladies and gentlemen, VMax and V4 owners of all ages.

Very glad to be part of the Yamaha V Max nation.

However, I've recently pulled the trigger on my forever bike, (a v4 of course) and I am putting my 97 VMax up for sale. Six bikes just don't fit in my garage and I already have one outside :-(

If anyone has any thoughts or advice to give me towards finding her a new loving home I would appreciate it.

I have placed a craigslist ad in three major cities surrounding my location in Charleston West Virginia and have taken what I think are good and representative pictures of my girl.

TIA Ride fast and ride safe


Photos from Kyle Clegg's post — Yamaha V-Max

Custom painted body set has not been on a bike since being painted. The colors are not completely traditional colors it has lots of pearl over it. It only looks complete black when not in the sun when the sun hits it turns black gold & the yellow has lots of flake in it. I tried to get a picture showing but it does not show well in pictures. $ 475 Exchange or $ 700 outright with no core plus shipping.


yamaha v max — Yamaha V-Max

yamaha v max 1200, 1996r, przebieg 43tys km, duzo dodatkow jak: zaciski od R1(przód i tył), przwody hamulcowe w stalowym oplocie, wydech przelotowy carbon 4-2-1, przewody zapłonowe "nology hotwire" kierunki i swiatło stop ledowe, owiewka akcesoryjna, sissybar, obnizone siedzenie, filtru powietrza stożkowe K&N, komplet dysz dynojet stage 7, pług, gmole, wyswietlacz biegów, po regulacji luzów zaworowych, do tego druga koncówka laser, bardziej wydajne pompy hamulca i sprzęgła od FJR . Motocykl od pasjonata, członka vmaxforum.pl


Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha V-Max

VMAX Parts for Sale

Yamaha backrest-$OLD!

(...we have more...)

Corbin (late-model) seat-$275.

(smooth carbon-fiber look)

Engine guards:

with pegs-$120.

w/o pegs-$100.


o r


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