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Rode at lake Murray yesterday. Ran into a couple of issues. Rode for about 7 hours tell I over heated due to clogged radiator. First thing was when taking off from a stop with slow acceleration it felt like the E brake was in gaged or belt was slipping untiI it got going good, then was fine. Didn't notice it until later. Rode threw sand, mud, and water. When I do a hard acceleration I didn't notice it, only at slow acceleration. I'm thinking the brakes need to be greased to free up the slides. Any ideas? Second thing is there anything or has anybody came up with an idea on how to keep the radiator from being clogged?

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    Bill Carte shared a link to the group: Yamaha Vikings & Wolverines. — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

    "IGNITE a BETTER WORLD" benefit ride June 24, 2017

    201 Brown Street, Clendenin WV 25045 (Falling Rock)

    $10 donation per rider / kids 6 under free / includes lunch

    Login: 8am--10:30am --Contact Bill Carte onFacebook for pre-registration or more details

    Drawings/Lunch 10:30--Noon

    Ride the rest of the day through the guided marked trails

    Say hello to our Sponsors:

    K&C Fabrication

    WV RZR Riders

    NGK Sparkplugs USA INC

    Rollin Smoke BBQ of Sissonville

    JBS Performance


    Marc Gerringer / TeamFAS Powersports

    SXS Audio

    Side by Side

    Burning Rock Adventures

    Wagon Wheel Atv Resort

    HillBilly Heaven Trail Guide Service

    Blizzards Custom Cycles and ATV Accessories

    ,,,,,,,and more sponsors are still signing up everyday!!!

    For more info & pre-registration please contact :

    Bill Carte or WVMountainRiders on Facebook

    Thanks to everyone that has already pre-registered

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      So in the final stages of purchasing a Viking EPS Non EPS or a CanAm Defender — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

      So in the final stages of purchasing a Viking EPS/Non-EPS or a CanAm Defender. I noticed that the SE model Viking is 64" and the EPS & Non-EPS is 61.8" . Sales dude at the dealer had no idea why the difference. Anyone? Also if anyone has experience with both bikes(defender vs Viking) No bashing please. I would love an opinion. I will be using it for very little utility around the house and more so trail riding. I am going with either of the two as I prefer not to have a 4 seater and I need room for two adults and my 9 year with special needs. I love the seating in the Viking as well as the grab bar more so than the Defender. I have lots of other thoughts on both, but would love any thoughts and opinions from others. Thanks!

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        Ok its time we are within the 2 week mark until the 2017 Highlifter Mud... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

        Ok its time, we are within the 2 week mark until the 2017 Highlifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas presented by Polaris! With that said, We will be running a "Prep for the Event" sale for the next 2 weeks. Includes Gatorwaders, Portals, Axles, Mud Tires, Lift Kits, High Clearance A-Arms, Winches, Roofs, Doors and everything else MUD related. If you think you need it, we will hook you up. Products from Highlifter, Super ATV, Turner, Motoalliance, Orb, Gatorwaders, and much more. Inbox us what you need or post up, we are happy to help and quote you!

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          Got a question for y all I sold my trailer today and I m ordering the... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

          Got a question for y'all. I sold my trailer today and I'm ordering the replacement next week. I'm going with a 77x16 tandem axle trailer. I've never had a tandem axle before. I'm thinking that I'm going to put 2 spare tire holders on it and carry 2 spares. Smart move or a waste of $150? Id hate to hit something and blow out 2 tires, but on the same lines I only carry one spare for the truck!

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            Photos from Chad Hickman's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

            Hey guys sold my jagged X now I'm hoping to trade my Cucv Military k30 for a side by side, I can add cash.. these Dually Cucv trucks are very rare it's not your average square body Chevrolet.

            Here's a small List of info

            1984 K30 CUCV M1028A2 military truck 75k actual miles

            6.2 j code Detroit diesel

            TH400 auto trans

            Custom 5inch exhaust

            Dana 60'front axle with Detroit locker

            Dana 70HD rear axle Detroit locker 4.56 gears

            37inch military Goodyear OZ run flat tires

            Humvee h1 beadlock wheels

            7inch rough country spring lift

            ORD flip shackles,

            Truck has no rust holes that I've seen very solid,military CARC paint, new batteries,glow plugs,glow plug controller, ball joint/king pins,fresh oil change,etc.

            could use a steering box and the tires do need balancing. Otherwise it's good to go. I drive it a lot pull my side by sides etc been on a few couple hour trips no problem.

            Clear title in hand

            Looking to trade for the following,again I CAN add cash. Really want a 6 seater Viking or a wolverine but would consider other 2 seater machines if need be.

            Viking 700 VI/Viking 700/ wolverine 700 r spec

            Rzr 900/900S/1000S/nice 800S/xp4/900xp4/800-4

            Ranger crew/standard 900/nice 800



            wildcat 4x/wildcat.1000cc only

            Kawasaki mule pro fxt

            Machines similar to those.

            What's out there? Can add cash if need to.

            Would also sell pm me if your interested in buying.

            Will post more pics later

            Pm,comment,text 423-489-6136

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              Photos from Scott Munn's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

              **Page Special**Our kits are shipped to you ready to install! Our "All inclusive" kits are designed and built with you and your machine in mind. Quality products and customer service is what we stand for. $350 to your door only for members of this page (MSRP $395)This price is for our gratitude to all of the member on this awesome page.. Veteran owned and operated #YouGetWhatYouPayFor #TopNotch #AnotherYamahaKitOutTheDoor #Viking #Yamaha #SoonToBeAnotherHappyCustomer #MunnsterSnorkels #AlaskaLife #AKUtv #AlwaysGoDeep

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                So I ordered a flip open and tilting super at windshield of some guy on ebay — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                So, I ordered a flip open and tilting super at windshield of some guy on ebay. Guy doesn't communicate at all. I start to get a bit panicky but 8 days later windshield ws up. But it's just a full windshield. Not the flip open one. I contacted ebay and they gave me his contact info on file.....a California number with a Wisconsin address. I may end up having to just keep the full with no flip but I'd really like the one I ordered...any one had something like this happen ?

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                  Looking for some feedback between Bandit Trail Series vs Series 46 Gen 2 — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                  Looking for some feedback between Bandit Trail Series vs Series 46 Gen 2 (Resi) shocks for my Viking VI. I am planning to upgrade the shocks on my Viking VI here in the next month or so and am having a hard time deciding between the 2 options for the VI.

                  I am also upgrading to 27" Blackwaters or 28" Ripsaws. Not running a lift. Use this machine for some basic trail riding and hunting, working around the farm, etc. I find myself questioning if I would hate myself for saving about $150 by going with the simple bolt on upgrade of the tail series, but am trying to get some input back from the masses.

                  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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                    Anybody gone from a RZR 800 to a wolverine I have a grizzly 700 and have... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                    Anybody gone from a RZR 800 to a wolverine? I have a grizzly 700 and have always loved it's power and reliability. Bought a rzr 800 a few years ago and it was super fun but we are looking to upgrade. Wolverine looks pretty promising. Especially the suspension. I know the top speed isn't as high on the road but in the trails does it have enough snap to keep up with the rzr 800? Or new 900? Thanks guys and gals

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                      Have a weird question where should I mount the solonoid box for my Harbor... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                      Have a weird question where should I mount the solonoid box for my Harbor freight 5000 pound winch trying to keep it high as possible to keep it high and dry. Should I try to mount it inside of a box to try to keep it extra dry and should I try to mount my circuit breaker inside a box to keep that dry also

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                        What s going own at JBS orderd parts for my Viking last Wednesday and was... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                        What's going own at JBS orderd parts for my Viking last Wednesday and was supposed to be shipped out Friday. I still have not got any tracking information and was supposed to go own a big ride today guess that's not going to happen. And I have not been able to get anybody own the phone all day Friday. Feeling kind of pissed.

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                          Photos from Adam Hinde's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                          Looking to sell my SxS... I have a 2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS. Blue, 4x4, locking diffs, efi 708cc automatic. I bought this brand new off the showroom floor just over a year ago. Completely stock and in mint condition. Has about 140 miles/ 12 hours on it. Its a 2 seater, and im selling to get a 4 seater as my family continues to grow, and my beautiful Wife will not drive her own machine so we need to all fit in one... i have the owners manual and both keys.

                          Asking $9500 CASH NO TRADES PLEASE

                          Call/ text Adam 517.662.9952

                          Located in Blissfield MI 49228

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                            Photos from Mark Ekey's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                            We all know our headlights suck so after going threw all the posts and trying different bulbs I still was not satisfied so I combined everyone's ideas into these.I first baked the lights in the oven at 350 and yes the wife was at work lol... Then pulled the factory lights apart.I purchased the LEDs off Amazon for 26 bucks and the ledstrips for 6 bucks and with some measurements cut the back of the factory lights to hold the led pods I had to grind the pod bracket so it would sit flush inside the buckets then used commercial glue to hold them in.I also put the green strips inside the lenses then put it back together.So now I have green glow for the lows and bright ass lights for high.

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                              I was in the middle of plowing my driveway and road when I lost all my power... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                              I was in the middle of plowing my driveway and road when I lost all my power and my Viking died in the driveway. I jumped it with my Jeep and the battery meter on the Viking showed 12.3 and quickly decreased to 8.3. Could this be the voltage regulator? Or something else. Is there an alternator? and belt that could be the issue? The only extra power used is for the winch and the Hydro-steer on the plow. I don't have any light bars mounted yet.

                              Please, any assistance is appreciated. There is a lot of snow to plow still and more is on the way!

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                                Question for those who have connect the reverse lights with the factory trigger... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                Question for those who have connect the reverse lights with the factory trigger wire and connections.

                                I pulled one of the factory relays and made a pig tail and spliced into the wiresunder the front passenger side and on the bed and got it working correctly with the factory relay. But I have a relay left over from some other projects and when I try to connect it I either get the reverse lights on all the time or they will go off when it's put into reverse any input if this relay will work or not ???? The one relay is on the leftand my eBay relay is on the right I bought a five pack for my switche panel and they all work fine

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                                  Just wanted to give a shout out and Kudos to the folks at Rocky Mountain ATV MC — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                  Just wanted to give a shout out and Kudos to the folks at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. I had a small issue with my TUSK turn signal kit and called them, not I am in Honduras and toll free numbers do not work from here so it was a call out of country on my dime which I let them know just so there was not a long hold, No problem they said, we will call you back, Gave them the international code and number and if 5 minutes they called me back with resolution to my issue. Lots of places offer the same or similar products, it's all about customer service and with my experience, they have it . Thanks Rocky Mountain

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                                    Hey guys I need your opinions on something I ordered a highlifter signature... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                    Hey guys, I need your opinions on something. I ordered a highlifter signature series bracket lift for my 16 viking three seater on 12/22/16. The kit came in on 12/30 and was missing all the brakets but one and all of the spacers. I called the number on the invoice which was a company called adrenaline junkee and spoke with a girl who told me it would be the Jan 2nd before she could let me know what the process would be to get me either the correct parts or a return for a new kit. I never heard anything that Tuesday, so I gave it more time and I called again on Jan 12th. The guy I spoke with said that because I dealt through Ebay I would have to submit for a return through them. I went home that evening and submitted for the return and was responded to on the Jan 16th. The man was named Mike and he apologized for the trouble and said he would personally check the outgoing package for all parts as soon and they received my return package. Well I got the replacement lift kit today and when I opened the package I pulled the parts out and checked them off of the installation manuals parts list. The ziploc bag that was holding the spacers had a hole in the bottom and 2 different sized spacers are missing. So first thing i did was emailed the vendor who sent my the message through ebay and told him what was going on. Now, 2 1/2 hours later he is accusing me of taking the brackets out of the first package and now removing the missing pieces out of this second package that he and another person checked before they sent it out. Am I wrong for feeling as if this guy has pretty much taken my money and called me a thief? All I wanted when I ordered this lift kit was some ground clearance, not a lighter wallet and nothing to show for it!!

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                                      Photos from Glenn Ferguson's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines


                                      You have been waiting for them now they are here!

                                      Yamaha Viking & Wolverine HD Forward & Rear, Offset High Clearance control arms made in the U.S.A. by Five Star Customs.

                                      Forward arms can be made with 0" to 2" Forward Offset and 0" to 3" of lift.

                                      Rear Arms come in 0 Offset 0" to 3" Lift also

                                      The 3” lift is built into the arms no brackets required and it will clear a 30” tire with no rubbing. The kit is designed to use the factory axles, ball joints, and steering. You can use the, Offset High Clearance 0 lift arms with a lift bracket.

                                      (2" & 3" LIFT ARMS SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH LIFT BRACKET WITHOUT AXLE UPGRADE)

                                      All Control Arm's carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

                                      Control Arms Come with HD Bushings, HD Bushing tubes, and your choice of basic powder coat color (Red, White, Black,Yellow)

                                      Upgraded Bushing, Axle, and Color Options Available Upon Request.


                                      Front 600.00

                                      Rear 500.00

                                      Front and Rear set 1100

                                      We can also make 6" lift kit for the Vikings & Wolverines to.

                                      Wheel spacers are recommended with the factory wheels due to the offset. Aftermarket 14” wheels will clear with no spacer.

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                                        Hi guys — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                        Hi guys

                                        I have a 2016 Viking it was a toss up between the Yamaha or the can-am for hunting steep mountain country...the reason I chose the Yamaha was the same as choosing a Toyota over a Range Rover...however I've found that the Viking seems noisier ? And with 3 people it bellies out on every rock you see unlike the can-am so what's the best lift kit value for money fellas ?

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                                          I appreciate the add I m going today to check out a new V6 I realize they are... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                          I appreciate the add. I'm going today to check out a new V6. I realize they are a 700 so the power could be a little better. I'm thinking about a lift right off the bat. What's the biggest tires you guys think are feasible? I ride in Tennessee in the mountains but also will be used by my dad and I as our hunting machine. Any info and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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                                            So my 30 light bar was mounted to the roll bar under the roof but when I... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                            So my 30" light bar was mounted to the roll bar under the roof, but when I installed the windshield it washed light down the windshield too much (even with blocking the edges with foam, which I did not like). Mounting on the roof isn't an option because it's sure to get damaged or ripped off. I wasn't sure where else to go, thought about mounting to the rack on top, front wouldn't work because the clamps would fall on the angled front bars of the rack for this width light bar, and if I put it on the back I figured as soon as something is put on the rack the light will be worthless. That left under the rack, there's just barely enough clearance, and I was skeptical about how well it would do but it does nearly as well as it did being up high, and the bonus is you can walk around the machine without getting blinded. I do have a piece of bed mat cut and strapped to the rack which keeps the light from coming up through. Thought I would share for anyone else who might have the same dilemma. Clamps were purchased at Tractor Supply. Only thing is it can't be perfectly centered on the machine because of how the rack is fabricated.

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                                              Been discussing with a friend and fellow Viking owner what wheel tire lift... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                              Been discussing with a friend and fellow Viking owner what wheel/tire/lift combination to go with. I like the ITP Blackwater Evolutions and have heard good things about them. I know I can go 27" on stock wheels without a lift kit no problem and likely not need any clutch changes. 28" seem to be on the verge of requiring clutch upgrades and a lift kit (strongmade seems to be the most popular lift kit). If I am going to buy all that I might as well go with 30" tires and 14" wheels like a boss with the full JBS clutch upgrade. We ride in Montana without too much mud but lots of trails with hard packed and rocks. Also do quite a bit of riding in the snow. I would love to have more clearance but want to keep the reliability of the stock setup. Don't want to start busting axles on the trail.

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                                                I just spent sooo much time trying to program the the new radios for the JBS... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                I just spent sooo much time trying to program the the new radios for the JBS Spring Ride with the channel list someone posted before, hopefully this is correct.

                                                I ordered the Baofeng GT-3TP set and the factory software disk was highly frustrating and a huge waste of a lot of time. Finally, did a little reading and downloaded CHIRP instead. After figuring out that you first download an image of your radio, import the CSV file with the channels you want into that file, you can then successfully upload to the radio. Second radio was a 10 second breeze after figuring all that out! Are there any other parameters that should be set?

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                                                  Finally got the light bar put on the Viking after a long while of trying to... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                  Finally got the light bar put on the Viking after a long while of trying to figure out how to mount it and still be able to use the folding windshield. Didn't want to mount on the roof, figuring that at some point it will probably hit something on the trails. Rather break the light bar than the roof, the bar is considerably less expensive than the roof,lol.

                                                  Tejas Motorsports fixed me up on these cool brackets that work perfectly and look good too. I always thought the Viking had decent lights untill I turned this thing on, holy crap it's like daytime!!

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                                                    I been watching a shit ton of videos ragging on the wet clutches and belts and... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                    I been watching a shit ton of videos ragging on the wet clutches and belts and come to this conclusion....

                                                    I always had a Honda or Yamaha 4 wheeler with a transmission. The first belt drive I ever got was the '99 Grizzly I put 30" Vampires on her, and learned to "feather" the driveline. A coworker.......giant ass college football playing lineman.....bought her in 2003 when I bought Rhino serial number of the very first. Ole co worker replaced the belt in the Grizzly THIS year, just because.

                                                    I NEVER had a moments trouble with the Rhino with 29" Mud Lites.....and she's still running today with the ORIGINAL clutch and belt.

                                                    I am NOW wheeling a '15 Viking......Rhino is now a camp ride...on 32" Monster Mayhems......never a bobble from the clutch, as I KNOW how to ride/drive a CVT, and after installing the JBS slugs and sheave and weights.....I just don't get why folks tear their shit up.......TBC......

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                                                      Wanting to enclose the cab one day but after seeing the prices on the hard... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                      Wanting to enclose the cab one day but after seeing the prices on the hard enclosures I was wondering how everybody who has installed the frame in door kit likes there's. Questions for it are does it hold in heat? (Assuming you installed the heater as well) and does it come with a inside door handle attachment or do you have to reach through a flap to open the door from the outside? Pics of the inside and installation would be great. Not really interested in the soft covers, just thinking it be a pain in the butt getting in and out a bunch of times when needed.

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                                                        I just got off the phone with a buddy that works at the Yamaha dealership — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                        I just got off the phone with a buddy that works at the Yamaha dealership. I was going to purchase the extended warranty and he suggested waiting until the year is almost up on the manufacturers warranty before I do it.

                                                        He's told me that they have sold a bunch of these and not one has come back with any major issues yet. I asked about the lean fuel issue and he told me that there is nothing to worry about. I think the Canadian version has a better mixture because we don't have the glowing exhaust problem here.

                                                        He told me that viking sales are dropping and wolverine sales are way up. These things are a good combination for work and fun. I would have to agree. I love mine

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                                                          I know some folks are sharing that their engine gets super hot and that pipe in... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                          I know some folks are sharing that their engine gets super hot and that pipe in the back turns red. Is a heat shield the best fix for this? If so I'll hit up JBS and get one from them. We're running the machine on the streets here with 15 degree weather in the snow.

                                                          It also smells a bit weird from the snow burning on the engine which I'm not concerned about.

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                                                            Any body on here no of any one that is wanting to buy a viking — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                            Any body on here no of any one that is wanting to buy a viking ?


                                                            Jbs clutch kit with slugs

                                                            New wet clutch

                                                            New 5k winch with synthetic rope used one time

                                                            New fuel pump

                                                            New front wheel bearings

                                                            Replaced the back breaks about 40 miles ago

                                                            New motor with about 15 hrs on it due to the factory defect with the 2014 models

                                                            30" Mudderinlaw tires with about 90% tread left

                                                            Custom top I built it has 4 marine kicker 6.5 speakers

                                                            50" light bar on front and 12"on back

                                                            I can get all paper work on the new parts from the dealer if wanted

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                                                              Photos from J.C. Collins's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                              I have a 2016 wolverine r spec Eps alpine white special edition. Has a 2" superatv lift kit 28" outback max on 14" battle wheels. Full Hunterworks clutch kit with new sheave and slugs in wet clutch. Has a power commander 5 with power tip on exhaust. 8 speaker Bluetooth sound bar. Green underglow rock lights. 5000lb badland winch. Half windshield. Never snorkeled mainly used to ride around our property. Has 913 miles and 87.6 hours. Asking for payoff or someone to take over the notes. Needing to get another vehicle. Also have the full Yamaha shop manual and spare oil very well maintained. Text 6625714908

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                                                                Took a little ride today on my 17 wolvy up on the mountain starting going up a... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                Took a little ride today on my 17 wolvy up on the mountain starting going up a pretty steep hill in 2wd (low gear) started spinning so u flipped it into 4wd (not diff lock) went up great until the hill got even steeper then it just felt like the machine went into neutral and stopped I hit the brakes put it into diff lock and tried to proceed up the hill and I did the same thing I could smell the belt burning so I backed down the hill and put it in diff lock and walked right up it I did have the transmission in low the whole time has anyone else had any problems with belts slipping? My machine only has 60 miles on it I haven't had it in any deep mud or water mostly just trail riding and on the hard road thanks for any input

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                                                                  Keele Maynard shared Millar Light Bars - FX Whips's video to the group: Yamaha Vikings & Wolverines. — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                  Need to redeem yourself after your spouse got you a awesome gift?! Well we still have our END OF YEAR SALES going on!

                                                                  Check out our current sales!

                                                                  SOLID COLORS

                                                                  2' - $40

                                                                  3' - $55

                                                                  4' - $65

                                                                  DREAM WHIPS (pairs)

                                                                  2' - $150

                                                                  3' - $200 (free shipping)

                                                                  4' - $225 (free shipping)

                                                                  Check out the video for dream whips


                                                                  8 PACK RGB BLUETOOTH UNDERGLOW


                                                                  Send us a message if you have any questions!





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                                                                    Photos from Michael Ward's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                    Considering selling OR TRADING my 1 owner 2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT.

                                                                    Paid 15,500 for it months ago..

                                                                    These transform from a 5' bed to a 6 seater in 20 seconds...

                                                                    It's has a 35 hp Yanmar diesel, pretty fast, will pull like a tractor!

                                                                    Same motor just like the John Deere tractors. It has 250 miles and 30 hours.

                                                                    Like new, no issues. Has 4 year warranty from Kawasaki.

                                                                    Has full roof, ( 700.00 )

                                                                    And full tilting windshield ( 500.00 )

                                                                    Otherwise, bone stock.

                                                                    Locking diff, turf mode, power steering.

                                                                    Selling to get a Yamaha wolverine

                                                                    Wife don't ride it around the fields like she said she was.

                                                                    Title in hand.

                                                                    Looking for 13,000 or trade for the right wolvy

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                                                                      Alrightly boys and girls I ve had a Yamaha dealer proffer a 2017 YXZ for what... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                      Alrightly boys and girls; I've had a Yamaha dealer proffer a 2017 YXZ, for what they're saying is "significantly less than MSRP."

                                                                      My holdout though, is that I was (and still kinda am) set on a Wolverine- I wanna tow some garden trailers, haul stuff around the yard, and blast down local rutted, muddy, washed out trails without a worry.

                                                                      With those points in mind, the Wolverine always made sense to me.

                                                                      Show or tell me how the Wolverine makes better sense, because this offer is beginning to speak my language of bad decisions.

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                                                                        Photos from Bret MX's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                        So I wanted to see how hot the CVT exhaust gets while romping in the sand dunes. But didn't wanna pay the Big bucks for a air temp gage and sensor. So I did the next best thing. Got a 20$ digital cooking thermostat and it had about a 3 foot lead with it. From Walmart. Ran the lead threw some small siphon hose. And drilled a small hole right were the cvt exhaust pipe starts to exit the cvt. And plunger the probe in and sealed her up with a bit of plastic dip. Went out and ran about 3 miles. In the desert trails and climbed a few washouts and spun all four tires climbing up em. It's about 70* here today but the belt temp never got over 117* with tow adults in the bike. The dunes testing will have to be later on.

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                                                                          Photos from Matthew Collins's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                          Looking to selling my 2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS to possible get something smaller or take a break from the off-roading. Only has 212 miles on it. High lifter lift kit 2". I have two other sets of wheels and tires that go with the machine. Have a ktf stealth winch 4500. Hard roof. I recent purchased the two front seats. They are awesome. The wheels are 15" ITP with 28" Kanani mongrels. Machine has never been in thick or deep mud. Used on the farm to get from one point to another. Also have another set of plastic that came on it new which is hunter green that will go with the machine. I am open to offers but you want find a nicer used machine. 12,500 obo will get this machine. Looking to move soon. Located near Danville, VA.

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                                                                            so my truck is stuck in 4wd high since last night I replaced the solenoid iew... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                            so my truck is stuck in 4wd high since last night. I replaced the solenoid iew both 4wd and 2wd. still didn't seem to change anything. seems as though its a vacuum acuator according to everything online. so I need to take it to the shop it's about 13 miles away mostly highway. do you think it's safe to drive slow or should I have it towed through aaa.

                                                                            it's a 2003 ford f150

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                                                                              Photos from Scott Bowen's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                              For sale $8500 OBO

                                                                              2014 Viking SE tactical black EPS

                                                                              26x9x12 BH 2.0 6ply

                                                                              26x11x12 BH2.0 6ply on stock SE rims

                                                                              Has under seat storage

                                                                              Front and rear windows

                                                                              Boss Bluetooth stereo w/ 4 speakers not a lot of bass but sounds good and can hear it just fine while riding

                                                                              JBS Extreme sheeve installed May 2016

                                                                              4 Cree LEDs

                                                                              86 hrs just shy of 600 miles

                                                                              All maintenance up to date

                                                                              It does have some scratches from trail riding and the rims some rock rash from Lost trails in NE PA

                                                                              I do use it around the yard and have hauled gravel and sand so the inside of the bed has lots of scratches

                                                                              Runs great I've had it up to 55 mph (GPS) on the road in front of my house

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                                                                                Clutch tuning is an art and it isn t everyone s cup of tea Everyone seems to... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                Clutch tuning is an art and it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Everyone seems to think they are the master of it, but in my +33 years of clutch tuning experience, very few actually know what they are doing. Many tuners are confused about which component of the clutch should be used for what kind of tune you are trying to achieve.

                                                                                First off, there are many more factors to look at here. Many people believe that the secondary spring controls your engine rpm during low end power delivery and in an attempt to provide more power off the bottom, continue to add larger and stronger springs. It does control this to a point, but that's not what it is there for. Engine rpm is controlled by a ratio of weight vs. spring pressure. The spring size is determined by the amount of torque your engine develops, too light of spring and you will slip your belt, too strong of spring and you will never reach your maximum speed potential while you chew up belts from over pinching. The correct setup will have a secondary spring with just the right amount of belt tension as to not slip the belt, then the weight of the rollers can be adjusted in order to achieve the correct ratio to produce maximum torque through engine rpm. This may very well of been one of the problems with FordTruckMan's cvt.

                                                                                Another problem is what us engineers in the plastic industry call "Slip Stick". This refers to the ability of the sliding roller to move from a resting point. Even though some plastics are self lubricating, they also tend to stick in a resting position until enough force is applied to get them moving. Over drive weights (originally invented by Hunterworks, now abandoned and used in JBS sheaves), suffer from this problem. Combined with the large surface area at the top, OD weights tend to require large amounts of force to begin sliding. The problem which arises is that once there is enough centrifugal force applied to the OD weight to begin moving, the weights tend to slingshot to the outer edge of the clutch. This may produce a great acceleration effect, but will not yield a smooth performing clutch on technical trails and over obstacles. Round roller weights have very little surface area exposed to the clutch surfaces producing very smooth and controlled clutch performance.

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                                                                                  So how do the heaters folks have been installing handle mud and water Looks... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                  So how do the heaters folks have been installing handle mud and water? Looks like it's nearly impossible to mount the heater up high enough to avoid getting swamped. Mounting in the center console or under the seats looks to be the safest.

                                                                                  But what if you swamp the rig a bit? Cleaning the rig?

                                                                                  I'd like a heater for my Viking, but it'd only be for riding in Sept-Oct, Nov at the latest. So I don't want to get the heater and then have to try to protect it from the elements all summer long or have the heater ruined from getting the Viking a tad too deep..

                                                                                  Wondering if those with heaters don't typically ride their Vikings through mud bogs in the summer anyway? or if I'm worrying over nothing? (I do that a lot, lol)

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                                                                                    How many watts are you guys running on large or multiple light bar setups — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                    How many watts are you guys running on large or multiple light bar setups. Originally I was just going to get a basic 32" over a 50" to save some stress on charging system but I really like the look and output of these triple row led. The basic 32" bars are advertised at around only 180w and this bar is at 405w. Im looking for a light mostly for plowing my drive and I have a boss hydraulic setup that will pull when I actuate the cylinders. I don't run any other accessories but do have EPS. I also plan to just add some small back up lights for when in reverse. Just worried this will pull too much.

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                                                                                      Throttle MAXX is hosting our first Black Friday through Christmas sale — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                      Throttle MAXX is hosting our first Black Friday through Christmas sale. All Throttle-MAXX products $10 off, with free shipping and a free decal. Small business, family owned and operated. American made with all American steel. Easy to install, allows smooth gas pedal on any terrain. Tall or short, experienced or brand new to the side X side, you'll want it. Throttle-MAXX Side X Side gas pedal accessories will eliminate that annoying throttle surge and foot, ankle and shin pain from long hours on the trail.

                                                                                      Take advantage of this Christmas sale for yourself or get a great gift for your friend or family member.

                                                                                      One of the most necessary but inexpensive after market mods available.

                                                                                      Log on today and see what Throttle-MAXX can do for you.

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                                                                                        Keele Maynard shared Millar Light Bars - FX Whips's post to the group: Yamaha Vikings & Wolverines. — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                        8FT DREAM WHIPS ARE $125

                                                                                        2FT SOLID COLOR WHIPS ARE $35

                                                                                        Solid color whip:

                                                                                        2' - $50

                                                                                        3' - $60

                                                                                        4' - $70

                                                                                        6' - $90

                                                                                        8'- $125

                                                                                        DREAM WHIPS:


                                                                                        2' - $100

                                                                                        3' - $115

                                                                                        4' - $125

                                                                                        6' - $150

                                                                                        8' - $185


                                                                                        2' - $150

                                                                                        3' - $175

                                                                                        4' - $200

                                                                                        6' - $275

                                                                                        8' - $350

                                                                                        LIGHT BARS -

                                                                                        24" RGB LIGHT BAR $175 (6K lighting)

                                                                                        32" RGB LIGHT BAR $250

                                                                                        44'" BLUE BACK LIGHTING LIGHT BAR - $250

                                                                                        UNDERGLOW STARTING @ $5/pc

                                                                                        SALE STARTS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 24TH

                                                                                        SALE ENDS MONDAY NOVEMBER 28TH

                                                                                        Feel free to contact us about deals on custom orders



                                                                                        Free shipping on orders over $350

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                                                                                          Ok any help would be great. Every trip out we have had our temp light come on — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

                                                                                          Ok any help would be great. Every trip out we have had our temp light come on. I've stopped and let it cool off each time as well as making sure the radiator is cleaned after big mud holes. The check engine light has also came on twice then turned off. The coolant level is right above full and the oil is perfect as well. Does anyone else have a problem with the temp light coming on while trail riding ? When I'm at home and just riding around I've never had the light come on.

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                                                                                            Okay so I ve been neglecting this thing First wash since I came back from my... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines


                                                                                            Okay so I've been neglecting this thing. First wash since I came back from my last trip.

                                                                                            It pissed me off pretty good it did great the whole trip right up until the last night I was there. It just dies. I was hitting a few "I don't know what you'd call them" small jumps on the trails and it would shudder kinda wanting to die well after a little while it just flat out died on me started it back for 15 mins and it finally cleared the clog and ran fine all the way back to camp. And when I say it started back I mean I turned it over for 35 mins and floored the gas multiple times. As soon as I put in in low and pushed the gas it would die.

                                                                                            CAN SOME ONE HELP ME! If not I guess it'll be going to the stealership.

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