this is my confession my obsession yz 250 will always b the bike for me ya see... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

this is my confession my obsession yz 250 will always b the bike for me ya see have a 96 heaven sent straight up lagit it wont quit totaly sick im havin a fit moto ectasy almost fantasy i know u agree its r reality my personality my niga please 13 years 2 top ends like a good old friend reliable undeniable almost cried a little so if u have not heard im spreading the word ill be turnin and burnin railin and sailin rippin and shiftin through the gears ya hear ill keepin her pinned with a big ole grin my friend

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    OK i have a question for all you carb gurus out there I have a 00 yz 250 and... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

    OK i have a question for all you carb gurus out there. I have a 00 yz 250 and it has full pro circuit exhaust and a loud mouth intake. Stock jets i believe are 178 and 50. I just bought this bike and it runs great but if i shut it off for a break it will not restart and the plug gets soaked with gas. right now the person before put a 175 and a 48 jet in it. I would like to think if you add exhaust and intake you should have to fatten it up not lean it out. has anyone else ever had this problem and if so how did you fix it. I dont want to lean in out to much because i know lean is mean but very green lol. So what jets did you put in yours to fix the problem. Thanks in advance. Also the air fuel mixture screw was at 2 turns out and i took it to 3 1/2 and that kinda helped but is still doing it.

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      Need help Bad video with sound only but I need to know why my bike sounds like... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      Need help! Bad video with sound only but I need to know why my bike sounds like this! I'm as rookie as rookie gets so I have no clue what this is. Once the bike gets warm no matter what gear I'm in it makes this sputtery/rev limiter sound when I just faintly let off the gas and only while I'm in the top half rpm wise of the gear.

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        Went for a quick little break in ride after my rebuild and am wondering about... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

        Went for a quick little break in ride after my rebuild and am wondering about some things. It was my first rebuild so my first break in. Seems like a hot subject on proper procedures. Not trying to start a pissing match about that but I have fired it up and ran it a few times in the garage and sounded peppy and good. But today when I went for my ride it seemed pretty bogged down and things. It was pretty cold so maybe the jetting needed to be adjusted. At least I hope. Or maybe my timing could be off since I couldn't fully set that because I didn't have all the tools. Or is that just the norm for break ins? Completely new to this.

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          Anybody running TUSK wheels on a 05 yz250 The rear spacers don t seem right... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

          Anybody running TUSK wheels on a 05 yz250? The rear spacers don't seem right IMO. The rear axle is 22 mm (which means use the YR-WSP spacers) and this makes the width too wide to fit into the swingarm. Using the YR09-WSP spacers(for a 25mm axle) makes the width right, but are to big for the axle and create to much play. I haven't even tried the front yet(triple trees are 1 mm different from 05 to 06+). It's late and I'm going to bed. Broke my wrist back(at work) in Oct and this is my first weekend I finally felt healed enough to go riding...

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            Regulator rectifier wiring diagram ally frame ground questions — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

            Regulator/rectifier wiring diagram & ally frame ground questions...

            Heya folks,

            So I spent the last afternoon searching for diagrams and help with wiring just a headlight to my 2007 yz250 but haven't really come up with a proper answer. I have a few questions if poss......

            I have a 35w electrex lighting stator and want to run 18w (total) led headlight, but also possibly draw a bit of power for my trailtech vapor if possible.

            I gather from my research that a regulator/rectifier is the way to go. I have found a few and I assume it's a 2 phase 4 wire. Is that correct? I.e. 2 yellow wires from stator in and dc +/- out.

            I've attached the diagram to see if you think it would work ok.

            Do I need to ground the regulator/rectifier? If so how would I do that on the ally frame?

            Sorry for all the questions.



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              Motosport sucks Their website is so shitty Ofcourse you can place an order so... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

              Motosport sucks! Their website is so shitty! Ofcourse you can place an order so those bastards can get their money. but when it comes time to sending and email to tell them their shippers suck and are f****** up their orders, of course the website won't work right and will not send email. I for one will not be ordering anything through Motorsport.

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                Photos from Jesse Krug's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                I bought an '02 YZ250 in parts and just got it put back together (guy I bought it from said he took it apart to change trans bearings). I am having problems with detonation, it seems to run fine in neutral but pings/detonates in 2nd and 3rd gear at 1/2-3/4 throttle. I'm running 32:1 yamalube 2r with 93 pump gas.

                Should I run a 50/50 race fuel mix?

                Air is about 1.5 turns out. manual states 1 turn out, 1.5 with PC pipe.

                I typically ride woods not mx. Plug in pic (br8es) is about 20 min of riding, first plug since motor reassembly.

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                  Photos from Chad Sutter's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                  Ok yz guru's here is one for ya. oem pressure plate,inner hub, pushrod, thrust washer 1and2,clutch plate kit with springs.Barnet billet basket,works connection perch and cable.the only piece i didn't replace is the clutch actuator assembly its was fine showed zero ware.heres the story got the bike last year clutch was trashed tore it apart found a metal ball at the end of the push rod on the pressure plate side found out that's not suppose to b there so i didn't put it back in.the clutch doesn't slip or do anything to f. cked up but its hard to explain but here goes when starting out in first at a dead stop warmed up there is a very short throw to the clutch it dissingages way at the end all most to where the clutch is all the way let out also at the perch im about out of adjustment its threaded the whole way out i know what ur gonna say oem perch not it i tryied anyways when the bikes on the stand the back tire spins in neutral not to fast but fast enough to b concerned also putting it into gear clutch pulled the whole way it the chain snaps like the clutch is warn and yes the cable is adjusted right. The only thing i can think is that piece where the pushrod goes into isnt the right piece might b that the inside depth is different maybe that they used that whole piece from a 250f since there was a ball from a 250f not sure how i would check. So lost here help plzz

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                    I have owned and ridden two stroke bikes for many years and maybe old habits... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                    I have owned and ridden two-stroke bikes for many years and maybe old habits are hard to break. Every one of my bikes I run 32:1 premix. I got this 05 for my son two years ago and I run 32:1 Castor 927. I see many refer to running leaner mix, 40:1, 50:1, am I doing it wrong on these YZ's? It runs good but could it run cleaner /better with a leaner pre-mix?

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                      Opinions on top end service. I have an 09 250 bought it new in late 2012 — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                      Opinions on top end service.... I have an 09 250 bought it new in late 2012.

                      Have about 30 hours on the bike. Always run 40 to 1. BelRay h1r oil and 94 octane pump gas.

                      Air filter cleaned when needed.

                      Have not serviced too end yet. Bike still has mega compression and performs great. No strange noises from engine.

                      Thoughts from the group on when I should do the rings and or piston? I have a

                      Complete rebuild kit from Yamaha that came with the bike.

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                        HELP I ll try and explain this the best way possible so I ordered a clutch... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                        HELP! I'll try and explain this the best way possible, so I ordered a clutch cable for my 99 yz250, both ends were the same on my old cable, the part that connects to my post on my engine was the same type of end that went to my lever, I ordered a new cable and the end was different so I thought I had ordered one that went into you ignition cover so I got on eBay to order a new one for my 99 and they all look like that from the pics! So idk if somehow I can make that style cable work or if my bike is not a 99!

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                          Has anyone gone from a yz450f setup for woods to a yz250x. Whays your thoughts — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                          Has anyone gone from a yz450f setup for woods to a yz250x ? Whays your thoughts ? I am currently on a 10 yz450f setup for woods with a rekluse core and im thinking about selling for a new 2 stroke. Was originally lookin at ktm but they seem to be having issues so i started lookin into sherco 300 but i dont like not having a kicker as backup so i went to a husky te300 or the yz250x. The yz is about $2,000.00 less then the husky but also doesn't have the options that the the Husky does.

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                            Thought someone on here might be able to help I have a yz250 2007 and it ran... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                            Thought someone on here might be able to help I have a yz250 2007 and it ran fine had about 10+ rides on it always started up fine etc always ran fine but I have just had a full rebuild literally everything and I have put the bike back together and firstly I started it up and started to idle very strange like the revs were very uneven when idling seemed very high then suddenly started revving out so I quickly hit the kill switch then it seemed fine after still a bit rough. Anyway I took it to the track and thought it should be okay was okay sounded slightly rough on idle then it did it again the revs creeped up until it was revving very high so I hit the kill switch I looked into everything took carb off checked it made sure it was sealed on both sides of the carb looked fine so I put it all back together same again. Looked on the internet while I was at track and it said sounds like too much air so I adjusted air fuel until I was happy with it I though this fixed the problem but it's still not perfect it's not reving out anymore but it idles fine then sometimes it's very rough like Miss firing then it creeps up a little bit can anyone help me out cheers !

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                              Guys got a problem that I m yet to solve. bike is a 2015 I bought second hand — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                              Guys,, got a problem that I'm yet to solve... bike is a 2015 I bought second hand.straight away I replaced piston kit and sparkplug. Rode the bike an it has a missfire at full revs while on the track. It revs clean on the stand. Checked reeds, carb and jetting (twice). Brand new stator, timing is spot on. Anyone had similar issues?

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                                I am riding at rd 1 national enduro this weekend I just recently got a 09 yz250... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                I am riding at rd 1 national enduro this weekend, I just recently got a 09 yz250, I blew threw my budget getting it ready to go but did not get a oversized tank. I will have someone following the pit areas with a gas can and will most likely have another small can on the trailer. If I gas up every chance I can should I be alright or should I carry some extra fuel in a bottle? B rider, would like to be wot all the time but it barely happens. I am coming off a 200 xc, only have about 2 hours on the yz, not sure how fast the tank goes.

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                                  So how was it the older 2 strokes like the DT250 were able to handle road... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                  So how was it the older 2 strokes like the DT250 were able to handle road speeds for so long with out seizing up? I understand a lot has to to with gearing. Was there anything specific in the motor that helped as well?

                                  I am turning my 05 YZ250 into a enduro. I will be using a WR 400 full set of gears 1st thru 5th. Performance wise I actually have the timing retarded 2* degrees so the powerband is not so punchy. I DO NOT plan to use it as a daily commuter but it would be nice ot knwo i can use it at highway speeds for a period of time without it locking up

                                  Looking for any actually knowledge that may help me meet this goal.

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                                    I have a 01 yz Yamaha 250 started it the other day ran it around the block 3... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                    I have a 01 yz Yamaha 250 started it the other day ran it around the block 3 mins in the ride it started like it running out the gas then died for no reason I was in 3rd gear so I poped started it it fired back up made it another 50yrds and it fell on its face and died in tried popin it again nothing pushed it home and tried starting it again it kicked over fine and kept trying to start every kick but won't and it had good compression but when kicking it it sounded funny what would be wrong with it ?

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                                      Photos from Mike Marcum's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                      Any comment on good boots? I wear a 48 or 13. I have a narrow heal and normal width foot. I am recovering from smacks a good sized boulder and shattering my middle toe, 11 stitches, the middle toe distal tip is pretty disintegrated bone wise. regular breaks on the 2nd and 4th. I was wearing Fox Comp5 boots, comfy but not the most protective. Looking to upgrade to maybe a Tech7 or something in that basic price range. I ride and race desert in N. Nevada, high sierras, lots of boulders, whoops, Master Class (over 50 - but still WFO) I rode about 28 miles with my foot like this as I did it about 8 miles into a 35-mile loop. Do not look through photos if you are squeamish - but you are dirt bikes and a tough bunch... I am tough on my big old feet...

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                                        Does anybody have actual Dyno graphs from a yz with Boyseen vs V force vs stock — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                        Does anybody have actual Dyno graphs from a yz with Boyseen vs V-force vs stock? I am tempted to snag something other then stock, but I doubt there is enough difference to warrant the cost. If it really is something I will feel, I would grab one, but I have never honestly been drastically impressed. Thanks for any input.

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                                          I just wanted to share my experience with the Lectron Carb — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                          I just wanted to share my experience with the Lectron Carb

                                          After a couple of weekends I am so sold. I dont think I'll ever own another bike that is not running a Lectron carb.

                                          Tuning? Only had to rotate the carb in the boots pull the slide and give the needle a 1/4 turn in and that was it. Cold start 2-3 kicks hot start single kick with less effort (dont ask me why)

                                          Super responsive and crisp throttle almost like EFI. Idles easily. At cruising speeds it runs so smooth no sputtering at all. No more spooge either! It will sometimes pull a wheel on demand with no clutch (I say sometimes because I am 300# so an avg guy should be able to do a wheelie no problem). I have no concrete evidence but over the last two weekends running the same trails doing the same stuff I used almost half the amount of fuel I have in the past with the stock carb.

                                          Without an O2 sensor you really cant tune a carb exact but you can get it kind of close. The Lectron just took all the guess work out and I can also take this from 0 to about 7500ft elevation with only turning in the powerjet about 1/2 a turn if needed.

                                          It does hurt the pocket book but its probably the best single upgrade I have ever done to any bike hands down.

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                                            Kiko Sanchez shared a link to the group: Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke. — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                            Yamaha YZ250X full review

                                            Highlight of the review from the rider:

                                            "This Yamaha is seriously one of the funnest bikes I've ridden in a long, long time. And in fact, it does "something" for me that a lot of other bikes have not done, which is, it keeps me thinking about the bike long after the ride is over; that's a hard thing that's kinda quantify. But when I go out on a ride with this bike, it just kinda gives me such a natural flow, and it's so much fun to ride that I end up thinking about that ride hours and hours, and days and days later after I ride it. Every time I've ridden it, it kinda leaves me with that lingering sense like 'I wanna be back on that bike!'

                                            So, kudos to that, KUDOS to Yamaha for making a bike that does that. Not a lot of the bikes out (there), not a lot of the other bikes I've ridden have done that...."

                                            Check it out at Dirtbike Magazine


                                            Link credit: Mike Marcum ;)

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                                              Question for the group I am a Master 55 ride a 16 250X I am laid up now and... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                              Question for the group. I am a Master+ (55) ride a 16 250X, I am laid up now and thinking it is about time to put in a new piston for the season. I race and ride desert, 85% single track - so not the pinned in 5th of a Dakar or Parker type. Most of the time nowhere near revved out. I have been away from 2-stokes for a few decades and want to know. I like working on my own bike, the X has a lower compression ratio I am thinking it should extend piston life vs MX model and I ride at altitude from 4500 - 8000+ thus reducing engine output some vs sea level riders...

                                              1. is there a reliable way to see if I need to swap out my piston and or rings? I know to measure the gap on the ring - but anything else?

                                              2. What should I use to as a replacement piston? OEM - Vertex - Wossner - Wiseco - Pro-X ???

                                              I live in the USA by the way.

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                                                Hey guys I m trying to jet my 93 yz250 I started with stock jetting 45 pilot... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                Hey guys, I'm trying to jet my 93 yz250, I started with stock jetting 45 pilot and 350 main it wouldn't idle and seemed a little sluggish I now have a 40 pilot and still a 350 main and I still can't set the idle.

                                                the top end screams and between 1/2 and 3/4 throttle it seems like it has a miss if your just holding the throttle in one spot if I twist it wide open it takes off.

                                                The idle is a little better but still will only go for a few seconds before it dies I have a 37.5 and a 35 pilot on the way and I think that will fix the idle.

                                                Any ideas on the "miss" the jet needle is on the second leanest position and it was worse on stock position and the next leaner position.

                                                Fresh top end seals and bearings

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                                                  Doing a winter build I ended up getting a RAD Valve read on the side of the... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                  Doing a winter build. I ended up getting a RAD Valve, read on the side of the box that the PowerWing is recommended for maximum performance... well $400 later I'm second guessing if it was even worth it so I went ahead and ordered a Vforce3 valve, Boyesen Power Reeds and a few other little things and got a dyno lined up to get some real numbers since I can't find any comparisons other than opinions(which often conflict each other).

                                                  Is there anything else to add to the list?

                                                  Just doing little bolt on stuff to see if it's even worth it.

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                                                    Been running into a fouling issue lately Have an 03 that runs really well but... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                    Been running into a fouling issue lately. Have an 03 that runs really well, but ever since it got cold out it does this weird thing where I'll ride it and it'll run great, I'll put it away and the next time I ride it (next day, next week, doesn't matter), I'll start it first kick and then it fouls the plug after about 30 seconds and won't start again. Pop in a new plug and it starts first kick and runs great all day. Repeat cycle. I adjusted the float height and the float needle looks ok, and always store with fuel off. It jetting is slightly rich during the summer and seems just right at like 45-50degrees

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                                                      Photos from Benjamin Andrew Aitcheson's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                      Hello guys this is my 2008 yz250 I am new to these style bikes. I am just wondering if anybody could tell me what oil and fuel mixture to use. When I go out on it we just go off roading at Kirton off road center and it's really muddy so not giving the bike that much hammer and only smashing through the gears now and again maybe twice just to clear it out

                                                      Any help would be fantastic

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                                                        Photos from Mike Marcum's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                        It was 14 degrees (f) when we started out our ride, got up to almost 30! Great Yamaha showing. In the "dog skins mountains" north of Moon Rocks NV. - But then I hit some ice, slid out and smacked a granite bolder, I did not even fall over and continued for the next 2 hours to ride. Go it back to the truck and my sock was bloody, got home, cleaned it up and went to the ER, looks like I demolished the distal end of the bone, took 11 stitches, only regular broke the one next to it. - BUT I finished an epic ride. It is so hard to explain to my wife how addicted I am to riding and how this is only a setback. Bashed my pipe pretty bad and bent a footpeg a bit, but like I said - I did not even actually fall, just went from 30 to 5 instantly. Not the way to finish up 2016 - I will be glad to start the new year. Ride safe everyone and invest in good gear!

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                                                          Question for everyone here I just picked up an 05 YZ250 that is getting the... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                          Question for everyone here. I just picked up an 05 YZ250 that is getting the royal treatment. It's the first 2 stroke I've had it years. I'm a bit torn though. I've been on a 450 for around 9 years, but I'm wondering if I should go with the stock top end plus Eric Gorr's mo betta port job or run the ESR 325 big bore kit? I mostly run hare scrambles, gncc, etc. But I moto every once in a while. What are you're opinions? Also, I don't necessarily want the arm pumping style of power my 450 had anymore...

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                                                            Looking for a 2006 2008 YZ 250 to buy. if a guy finds one is there any mods — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                            Looking for a 2006-2008 YZ 250 to buy....if a guy finds one is there any mods (spring or revalve) needed to the suspension? 200 lb intermediate rider...don't mind spending the money if it can be any better. I know it is close to the best out there stock! Also found an 06 with the motor locked up...(seized I think)bike was in the sand and just stopped and wont kick now.....what does a rod and piston cost if needed? Approximately, just trying to see what it might be worth....thanks!

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                                                              Photos from Nathan Wiblin's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                              Fingers crossed problems fixed!

                                                              So a load of you have been helping me out with my yz250 2007 with it just dying after 30 mins riding.

                                                              After changing jets and checking float levels it looked like the culprit was Ruth stator or coil. The coil was slightly out of spec when cold and after talking to you guys and a nice mechanic friend the coil has been changed.

                                                              I also put my beloved beast back to stock, when I got her she had a vhm race head, gnarly and power core 2. Now she has a normal head and stock exhaust.

                                                              I'll keep you posted as will try to get out on her tomorrow. Pics for thanks

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                                                                Hey guys — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                                                                Hey guys,

                                                                went for a ride today and felt that the clutch was still engaged slightly while the lever was pulled all the way in. This is making it harder to start and while going down steep hills or while stopped while in gear the bike stalls. Does anybody know what this could be and the possible fix?

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