Yay finally my new Yamaha Genuine parts came ah. in a Honda box


Yay, finally my new Yamaha Genuine parts came, ah.... in a Honda box.

The chain guide thingamebob is for a later model 1200, "it'll go on".

The other 2 are L/H/S fairing screw covers. They'll be going in the drawer.

Ok then, I guess I should get busy

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  • How did you manage to get the RH screw covers. Rocking horse shit is easier to find. I have only ever seen the LH ones for sale.

  • Oops, my mistake. They are left side covers. :/ I don't know why I wrote R/H/S. And funny you should mention that Mark, the only other covers I have seen were for R/H/S. I thought I was lucky to find the L/H/S's.

  • I had given up getting any for my bike and have been looking at putting Oggy nobs on it. I have already had one low speed off, resulting in some gravel rash on the fairing.

  • Idiot me, put tyre-shine on my tyres in Dec 2014. Made 'em look good B| but didn't sand the rear tyre enough. 1st left turn (onto Hwy) get going smartly to beat the traffic (forgetting) and a - yeah ! Big 15 metre 180. Lost a little bark off my knee (no worries, I can hide that but I stashed the ripped jeans ;) ) I stayed on my feet luckily after initial knee touch. Broke stator cover which jammed and twisted rotor, bent stator plate and broke ignition pick-ups. $400 later, It's ready to fire. Scuffed the lower left fairing screw cover, fixed with insulation tape, scuffed centrestand (fixed). Yeah, I kept that pretty quiet <(") I was lucky that it wasn't worse. ( I won't speculate what "could" have happened) No fairing damage. And lucky I was still only 400 metres from home. When I had her running again I took to the rear tyre with a sanding disc on an angle grinder, bike on centrestand engine running and in 1st gear. That roughed it up good and proper.

  • I wont tell her, if you don't tell mine.

  • I've had to chop & trim chain guide thingo. Will need to drill 2 small holes and screw it down onto swingarm. The top section is thicker than the proper part for my '84, hoping it won't interfere with chain. If it does it's coming off. Trial and error is the only way sometimes. Fingers crossed.

  • The chain should just run over/on the guide. Better to wear the guide, than the swing arm

  • I need one for my bike too.