Yep head gasket is gone


Yep head gasket is gone

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  • Possible a seal on motor is letting water seep in. Oil is thicker and harder to leak out but water may make its way in. The motors sit low in them . But it's new so you should be able to get it taken care of

  • Jared Moore

  • I've had her a year and a half she's already had the cases changed out cause it cracked

  • That's a head gasket hopefully you didn't mess up the head bud

  • Wouldn't surprise me if I did I was pretty fucked up and the skinny pedal diddnt leave the floorboard

  • Had this happen to me not long ago ..Turned out been my base gasket slow leak on one side ..Got it fix and she runs like a top...

  • Hopefully they will warranty it I have heard it's rare for a dealer to cover the blown head gasket bc they always think is the drivers fault and they think the radiator was stuffed with mud that caused it to overheat

  • Cause most of the time that's what happens lol if not I'll fix it myself just hope the head ain't fucked

  • When I bought my viking in 2014 it over heated the first time out it ended up being a bad head ,they replaced it under warranty.....just got out the shop today had water pump and eps box replaced under warranty

  • Wait time is 3 to 4 weeks