Yesterday while bringing my bike back from the shop my frogg toggs rain gear...


Yesterday, while bringing my bike back from the shop, my frogg toggs rain gear melted to my pipes. I had this problem a few weeks ago and the remnants came off with no problem. This time, however, I had to do more than just rub off the pieces. I used some goo gone with a scotch brite sponge. I applied it with the soft side and gently rubbed it off with the scrubbie side. It did put small swirl marks on the pipes, which I was expecting. What I wasn't expecting was that area of my pipes is now dulled instead of shiny chrome. I have used just about everything to get that hazy look off with no luck. I have tried metal polish, S100 cleaner, Yamaha spray polish, a version of simple green. Right now, I am letting it run to heat the pipes up hoping that will allow whatever it is to come off. Any other suggestions?

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