YFZR Breather Box


YFZR breather box. Finally releasing these to the public! Replaces your stock box that leaks and/or doesn't work well, or the ltr or aftermarket breathers that are just in the way. As with everything I offer they get tested extensively. These boxes have been in testing for nearly two years. I have yet to blow out one drop of oil, or have any pressure related issues. These things work! As shown in the photos it mounts above the radiator tucked out of the way. It will not fit with an aftermarket fuel tank. It does work with the larger capacity radiators I have tried it on. Pricing is $135 shipped in the US. International shipments will be more. I have a version for 09-13 and for 14+ model years. 14+ needs to have the AIS removed. 09-13 with spal fan needs the fan mount modified. Message me for details, questions, or to purchase.

I have a few in stock.... 3 for 2014+ model years, and 3 for 09-13 model.

%d comments
  • Does the 14+ still mount above the fan so you can't see it ?

  • Yes. Same location. Just a slightly different mount. In the photos one of them is a 14 the other box is a 11. Without knowing the difference you'd never know

  • Are you making this for carb models? and where does the oil ultimately end up ?

  • carb models have no need for it. The oil ends up going back into the crankcase where it belongs instead of out onto the ground.

  • Ken Cornell

  • I must be doing something wrong with my setup then because I have a t-fitting and routed onto the ground.. Should I be routing back into the oil system?

  • carb model? On carb model you should have your oil lines running to the oil reservoir I believe. Been awhile since I've seen a carb model though. Maybe they do have a separator box on them as well. Haven't payed any attention

  • Michael Paolino

  • I could go for one of these on a carb model

  • Doesn't work with the under tank plastic shield?

  • That's junk anyway lol

  • Throw that thing away

  • Comes with spacers to remove it

  • I like it for holding the harnesses I make but we'll see

  • Still have the 14+ models in stock!

  • I have 3 09-13 models left in stock. message me to purchase!

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