YPM points after Brands GP now online


YPM points after Brands GP now online

Congratulations to the new Championship winner - Mark Taylor and also to our new Clubman champion - Giles Harwood

All to play for in the Rookie championship though with only 1 point separating the top 2 !!!!!!

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  • Well done Mark Taylor and Giles Harwood. It was great to see everyone again at the weekend! See you all at Indy.

  • Congratulations chaps, worthy champions. All eyes on the Rookies now....

  • Well done Giles

  • Many congratulations to our two new Champions Mark and Giles - well earned on both counts. Looking forward to the rookie champ being crowned next time out - it's going to be quite exciting.

  • Should be very interesting!

  • I'm already doing some research on where I need to improve... http://bignaturaltesticles.com/how-to-make-your-te sticles-bigger/

  • Scott 'Kingsley' Grant get reading

  • Biggest pair wins the day!!!!

  • Max House are you doing the last round, and is the first instalment payment ok in October 2017?

  • Yes Mark Ewens i'll be there. Installments are fine, at a cripling APR of course!

  • Mark, Firstly please allow me to congratulate on your championship win in your first YPM season through such consistent and dominant performances! Secondly, thank you everyone for all your kind words; despite three recent tumbles can’t quite believe the season’s gone this well but, more importantly, I have to say it’s been a real pleasure to have raced in such good natured company. Looking forward to seeing you all at Brands again soon and seeing how the Rookie Championship unfolds - good luck to all!

  • Well done Giles, on winning the 2016 YPMRC Clubman Championship, you truly are a talented rider.